California in Desperate Attempts to Secure Ground Water Curb Private Drilling for Water

California in Desperate Attempts to Secure Ground Water Curb Private Drilling for WaterCalifornia is experiencing the worst ever drought in its entire history. The nasty and prolonged drought has thoroughly cut down most of the natural water supplies on the surface. The only hope for the farmers is to look deeper into underground sources to quench their thirst.

Fraudulent IRS Callers Cheating Taxpayers Across the Country

Fraudulent IRS Callers Cheating Taxpayers Across the CountryOn Friday The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issued an alert notice for its consumer with instructions to protect the taxpayers from falling prey to fraudulent telephone calls by scam artists who pretend to be calling from the office of the IRS.

Michigan Expects a Bumper Apple Crop

Michigan Expects a Bumper Apple CropThe severe weather in winter and the polar vortex could not keep Michigan from growing a bumper crop of apple this year. The orchards even though went through an arctic winter weather remained almost unscathed. The results will be revealed when the predictions of an abundant harvest comes true this year which will be competing with the record breaking production of last year.

Child obesity leads to call for health taskforce

Child obesity leads to call for health taskforceSpecialists have called for a crisis taskforce to be created to help handle the "climbing plague" of adolescence corpulence.

The expert body speaking to GPs has cautioned that a whole era will be "decimated" by an eating methodology of junk food and sugary beverages unless an earnest move is made.

Health concerns about e-cigarettes raised

Health concerns about e-cigarettes raisedAn examination concerning e-cigarettes has found a conceivably lethal synthetic interfaced to lung ailment inside one of the e-fluids tested to be purchased in the North-East.

The disclosure, which will be demonstrated Inside Out NE & Cumbria's present undertakings project, uncovers the item - sold by VIP, one of the greatest e-cigarette organizations in the UK - has since been withdrawn.

Scottish child cancer deaths decrease

Scottish child cancer deaths decreaseAround 110 youngsters north of the Border are diagnosed with the infection every year. 10 years back around 30 baby patients died from the ailment every year, except on account of better medicines the figure has dropped to around 20 a year, with the steepest decrease in leukemia.

Fiat Merger to Go Through

Fiat Merger to Go ThroughFiat has overcome a big hitch that faced its long time planned merger deal with Chrysler Group LLC as the company said that the number of shareholders who are looking forward to sell their shares was not enough to outshine a threshold which could cause a delay to the process.

Fiat's tie up will create a distinct universal automaker that will be called Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.

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