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Panasonic Reports $7.5 Billion Loss; Plans Shift from Consumer Gadgets

Panasonic Reports $7.5 Billion Loss; Plans Shift from Consumer GadgetsJapan based electronics major Panasonic has reported $7.5 billion loss in its full year report. The company has expressed the possibility of returning to profit next year.

Marriott Reports More-than-Expected Earnings for Q4

Marriott Reports More-than-Expected Earnings for Q4US hotel chain Marriott International Inc., the largest publicly traded chain, has yesterday reported a surge in its profits.

It has affirmed that a 28% rise has been realized in its earnings with the increasing travel demand around the nation. The hike in earnings has taken its net profit to $181 million i. e. 56 cents a share for the fourth quarter.

Sony Reports Reduced Loss for Latest Quarter

Sony Reports Reduced Loss for Latest QuarterThough, Sony Corp. has been struggling to cut its red ink for the last quarter, the Japanese electronics and Entertainment Company has also shown fruits of its labour so far.

It has been found that Sony has realized losses for last four years. Since, companies like Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co. had given it a tough competition whether on the grounds of innovation or profitability.

Walt Disney Company Registers Profit

Walt Disney Company Registers ProfitIt has been revealed that Walt Disney Company has announced about its total earnings, which it has earned in fourth quarter. The company has announced profits as far as earnings per share (EPS) are considered.

Tata Steel Loses Shares in Second Quarter

Tata Steel Loses Shares in Second QuarterTata steel suffered a total loss of Rs. 364 crore together with Tata Steel Europe in the second quarter and has gained only Rs. 212.4 crore during the period.

The company's shares fell by 4%, as reported. Operational performance of the giant disappointed as the earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) came down by 16.9% to Rs. 2, 045 crore year-on-year.

Procter & Gamble Earns More than Expected Profits for Q3

Procter-GambleProcter & Gamble has realized a huge profit in the third quarter, as per revelations of a new report, and it is therefore, that the firm is hoping to see a breathing room from Bill Ackman, activist hedge fund manager, after a long time.

Philips Announces More than Double Q3 Growth

Philips-ElectronicsKoninklijke Philips Electronics NV (PHG, PHGFF. PK) has released its revenue report on Monday, when the company told that as compared to the last year, the profits this year have more than doubled. A report uncovers that the net income creditable to shareholders has become 169 million Euros up from 74 million Euros in the previous year.

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