Patent 2011 Speculates Sony’s Next Wonder

Patent 2011 Speculates Sony’s Next WonderAs of now, it's not sure that what Sony holds for the future but a patent published back in 2011 which is uncovered recently gives some speculations regarding the same.

According to the patent, a new Dual Shock Controller that will be characterized by magnetometer, accelerometer, speaker and functionality to break into two is coming up soon, which will be powered by Sony.

Xbox to be updated

XboxXbox has received many changes over the times. It was first introduced as multiplayer and then it was converted into multimedia player. But now, the Microsoft has expressed its desire of transforming Xbox into “the center of all things entertainment - from games, music and fitness to news, sports, live events…- so consumers have one destination for all their entertainment needs”, said the former President of CBS Nancy Tellem.

Game Designers Working on Project: Eternity

Baldur-Gate-IIIt has been reported that cancellation of projects has forced many game manufacturers to bring cuts in the jobs. Today’s customers are looking for entertaining games, which are not like old classic one- Baldur’s Gate II and Planescape Torment.

Neo Games Re-Launched on 6th December 2012

EA Launches SimCity on Facebook

EA Launches SimCity on FacebookFinally, the wait is over, as one of the most recognized video games SimCity Social has now been launched on Facebook by Electronic Arts. One of the aims to launch the game on world’s number one social networking site was to give a stiff competition to CityVille, a video game by Zynge.

Xbox 360 Earns 45% Market Share in May

Xbox 360 Earns 45% Market Share in MayIt has been revealed in a recent report that the Xbox 360 has yet again seen high sales across the whole US in the month of May.

The report has found that the Xbox 360, which contains six of the ten top-most selling games, has earned a 45% share in the market last month.

The product has been continuously having more than 40% market share for a period of 15 months, Xbox executive Aaron Greenberg has told.