Bioware’s Mass Effect 3 Fails to Please Gaming Enthusiasts

Bioware’s Mass Effect 3 Fails to Please Gaming EnthusiastsAccording to sources, it has been revealed that the recently launched BioWare's Mass Effect 3 has not been able to please the gaming enthusiasts, as it was being expected when the game was introduced.

Apple’s iPhoto Gaining Popularity

AppleIt seems like Apple’s iPhoto has easily gained momentum soon after being launched as within few weeks of its launch about one million users have logged on to the App Store in the search of Apple iPhoto. In some cases, a single user downloads application several times. But reaching one million downloads in just ten days is really astonishing.

Elder Scroll Might Be Out This May

Elder-ScrollsIt has been recently revealed in a report that the MMOG inlaid in the Elder Scrolls might be given out by Bethesda in the month of May this year. It is also being said that this might well be a false alarm and a rumor, but it has got many people excited speculating about the details of the same. The firm hasn’t confirmed anything yet, but there are rumors that this shall soon happen

New Game Move

gamingIt has been recently revealed in a report that Sina from China and Dena from Japan have joined hands for cooking up a new hue for the challenging gaming market of the world. Both the firms have joined hands in order to be able to form new types of games which are fully packed with the most novel features which shall interest audiences in the future. This is basically being done for the gaming on mobile phones.

Angry Birds on Facebook

FacebookFacebook gives you the most refreshing chance to enjoy the most popular multi-platform game Angry Birds on its website.

Yes, the world’s biggest socializing website has recently launched Angry Birds for its users i. e. even some hours ahead of the official launch that will be held in Jakarta at 12AM EST.

The Diablo III to Be Delayed

Diablo-IIIIn a recent report, it has been revealed that the firm Activision Blizzard has said that the Diablo II will turn up later than what it was expected earlier. They revealed this information with their fourth quarter earnings. It has further been added that it shall now be launched till the second quarter of the year 2012.