Sony fixes PS3 software glitch that prevented users from accessing PSN

SonyIn a Tuesday statement, Sony Corp. has said that the 8001050F software glitch, which recently affected the users of non-Slim PlayStation 3 consoles worldwide, has been fixed. The error had prevented the PS3 users’ from accessing the PlayStation Network for over 24 hours.

PopCap Games’ ‘Plants vs. Zombies’ sold 300,000 copies in first nine days!

plants-vs-zombiesSetting a new record for App Store launches, PopCap Games’ ‘Plants vs. Zombies’ version for the iPhone and iPod Touch managed to achieve enviable sales figures of over 300,000 copies in the first nine days after its February
15 release!

The many layers of Nintendo’s new ‘Metroid: Other M’

Metroid‘Metroid: Other M’ is Nintendo’s new installment in one of its mass-appeal science fiction adventure game franchises ‘Metroid.’ Essentially a traditional game with many layers, the ‘Other M’ includes some first-person elements, though it is largely played in third-person 3D.

Nintendo DSi XL to hit US stores on March 28

NintendoIn a recent announcement made at the Nintendo Media Summit in San Francisco, the game-console maker revealed that the Nintendo DSi XL – the much-awaited updated version of its popular handheld gaming platform – will hit the US markets on March 28.

Ban of Nearly 600,000 Modded XBox 360 Consoles Affects XBox Live

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has already bagged the honor of being the most successful and highest selling video game, which has broken all release day sales records. Another record which it was aiming at with the launch was to offer the game to over 2 million Xbox Live users, to enable them to enter multiplayer matches. But the grand launch seemed to have been limited by Microsoft's decision to ban modded Xbox 360s.