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Abu Dhabi hotel industry shines in July

The Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority (ADTA) on Monday released tourism figures reflecting robust performance of the tourism sector in the country. Rise in hotel guests pushed occupancy levels up nine per cent to 65 per cent during the month of July. Total revenue surged six per cent to Dh271 million, indicating huge rise in number of guests visiting the Gulf nation.

ADNH’s Q2 profit rises 7.7%

ADNH’s Q2 profit rises 7.7%Hotel, retail and catering division of Abu Dhabi National Hotels (ADNH) pushed net profit of the bank by 7.7 per cent during the second quarter of current financial year. Bank’s net profit stood at Dh56.75m during the reporting period while its revenue rose 6.25 per cent to stand at Dh452 million, indicating overall better period for the hospitality industry.

Indications of recovery in hospitality segment

DTCMDubai tourism chief anticipates the development of the sail ship industry and additional display will support in filling the 10,000 hotel rooms, to be supplemented to the emirate's hospitality marketplace this year.

The Department of Dubai Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) expressed that it might as well aiming on executing new hotel categorization arrangement declared previous year.

Abu Dhabi Hotel not to take part in $11 Million Christmas tree

Abu Dhabi Hotel not to take part in $11 Million Christmas treeThis year in the eve of Christmas the Emirates Palace Hotel which is in Abu Dhabi is trying to keep away itself from this. It is considered as the world's most luxurious Christmas tree.

The Emirates Palace Hotel is the view place of this tree. Many tourists come to see the $11-million US Christmas tree in the porch of the hotel.

Gourmet Abu Dhabi 2011 – More Glamorous

Gourmet Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi will become the hotspot for providing high quality food and beverages. The whole emirate will be enriched with strong flavor of spicy food and beverage items.

Recently, ADTA or Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority has celebrated the inauguration ceremony by unveiling the third edition of Gourmet Abu Dhabi. It is a 16 day duration annual culinary fete.

Reasonable hotels a important benefit for Dubai

DeloitteAccording to a senior representative of the global audit, tax, consulting, and financial advisory services firm, Deloitte, one amongst the many power of Dubai's hospitality division that has reserved it floating throughout the recession.

Abu Dhabi to start piloting its luxury hotels

Abu-Dhabi-Tourism-AuthorityIn an announcement, it has been informed that now all the luxury hotels of the capital will be under observation. Abu Dhabi has announced that all the hotels in the city will now go under certain guidelines as well. Abu Dhabi will start piloting its hotels so that they can obey all the green norms. As per the announcement, the hotels won’t be rated as per their luxury and offered facilities only.

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