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House prices move to 11 year high due to Mortgage Schemes - reveals RICS

House prices move to 11 year high due to Mortgage Schemes - reveals RICSA survey revealed on Tuesday that new British government incentives to support the housing market increased the number of people wanting to buy homes and helped to push prices to an eleven year high.

Some economists feel that measures to boost mortgage lending risk are creating a bubble in the housing market which may not prove to be very healthy for the economy.

Sales to go up expects House builder Persimmon

Sales to go up expects House builder PersimmonWith a completion rate of 850 units in 2012, house builder Persimmon expects to sell around 25% more houses in Scotland this year.

According to Mike Killoran, group finance director, the Scottish market has been a "robust" performer for the business this year.

UK’s Housing Bubble Chance Trivial: Report

HousingOn the word of a recent report, the housing bubble risk being faced by the United Kingdom is very slim.

The EY item club, a well-known economic forecaster, said that `Help to Buy'-like schemes were expected to bring an increase in house prices this year. Almost 3.5% hike could be seen in the same. However, the prices could go even higher i. e. by around 6.6% in the upcoming year.

First-Time Buyer Mortgage Lending up by One Third, Says CML

MortgageAccording to the latest reports, from past 12 months to this August the number of mortgages has increased for the first time buyers.

It has increased to one-third as the new entrants amount to 44% this month.

According to the sources, Barclays became the most recent lender to confirm it and is complying with the second part of the government's' Help to buy scheme'.

Big Construction Firms Compensate Blacklisted Workers

ConstructionAccording to a new report, the blacklisted workers will be compensated by the major construction companies.

This reform has come into existence after years of campaigning by the unions. The campaigning was done after the revelation of the fact that more than 3,200 names, mainly of building workers, were only kept on the list but were not placed by the companies.

British house prices take a Leap

house-pricesLatest figures have unveiled that the British house prices increased in leaps and bounds in September and the increase has been the fastest in more than three years.

Increase in Credit Card Debt and Mortgage Approvals Since 2009

Credit Card-DebtAccording to new reports, there seems some sort of improvement in the credit card debt and mortgage approvals.

UK has been suffering from the economic recession, from the past few years. This recession is being improved with the improvement in the economic scale in UK.

Credit card debt and the mortgage approvals have been increased for the first time in the past four years.

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