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FCC Gives Approval for Buying Additional Spectrum to Verizon

VerizonIt has been revealed in a recent report that Verizon Wireless‘s proposal to buy a panel of cable operators’ Advanced Wireless Spectrum has been finally approved on Thursday by the Federal Communications Commission or FCC.

Microsoft Launches New Logo

MicrosoftIt is been 25 years now and a new logo from Microsoft got launched. The new logo, which has developed using Segoe font, has been introduced at the time when the company is preparing to launch its much-awaited Windows 8.

Sony to Eliminate 15% of Its Total Global Workforce

sonySony declared Thursday that it will be eliminating 1,000 people from its workforce serving its mobile division. It is being suspected that the Japan’s largest exporter of consumer electronics has decided to follow topmost companies like Apple Inc. (AAPL) and Samsung Electronics Co.

AT&T Plays Smart, Allows Consumers with Mobile Share Plans to Access FaceTime

AT-TAT&T previously decided of blocking the app FaceTime on mobile. However, recently AT&T Senior Vice President for Regulatory Affairs Bob Quinn blogged in order to guard its new plans of limiting the use of app supported by Apple and suggested that only the consumers on its network, who are using its Mobile Share plans can benefit from the app.

Google Hiring Suitable Candidate for Red Team

GoogleLast week, Google resolved a case with U. S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC), following which it has proposed to create a special, which its calls ‘red team’, which will be commissioned to take care of the privacy matters and will be responsible for tackling the problems concerned with it.

Kindle Enthusiasts Check Out Nearest Chroma Stores for the Amazon Gadget

AmazonThis report will specially attract all those Indian Kindle enthusiasts. Now no need to wait for long, Amazon has finally heard the requests of all. The company has recently opened the Kindle e-reader store as well has launched the Kindle e-book store.

Jury to Take Final Decision Regarding Patent War between Apple and Samsung

Apple-SamsungThe final decision regarding the patent battle between Apple and Samsung is now to be taken by a nine-member California jury. The case, which has been continuing since the beginning of the month, has brought world’s renowned electronic manufacturers against one another.

As per decision ruled out by the jury, the companies may even have to pay compensation costing in billions of dollars.

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