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Tweetdeck Taken Offline after a Bug Allowed a User to Gain Hundred Different Accounts

TwitterTwitter has taken its much popular app Tweetdeck offline after there were reports of some users gaining access to other users account. In an official statement the company said, “TweetDeck is currently down while we look into an issue. Apologies for the inconvenience”.

Ring the Bell on Facebook; Give Your Consent for the MMO-Focused Left-Handed Mouse by Razer

FacebookIf you are dying to have a left-handed version of the Naga Gamin mouse, then the time has come to get up and ring the bell. Razer is planning to release this MMO-focused mouse which will otherwise feature all other similar functions of right-handed mouse but it will do so only after getting the bells from all you viewers of Facebook there.

Google Unveils New Tool

GoogleIn a recent report, it has been confirmed that Google has developed a new tool which can help one track his or her Google Account. The new feature would allow users to see what all they did with various services like Gmail, YouTube, online search and other Google venues after they log in their account.

List Your Friends as Enemy by Using Emerging Media and Communication App

FacebookAlmost all users of Facebook have always thought of having a dislike button to show their anger and enmity against someone. So, here is an opportunity for those who want to make public the names of people whom they really hate.

Caps on Roaming Fees Incurred by Consumers in Europe

roamingEuropean lawmakers have now put forward an agreement in which there would be a cap on the maximum price that a consumer would have to pay on mobile phone roaming charges for a period of five years. This cap would also be applicable to data service charges incurred by smartphone users while travelling.

Apple Focuses On Next Set of iOS Devices with Better Features

iPhonesBizarre news, the next generation of iPhones is expected to hit the store by this October. However, at present Apple is focusing more on its next iOS devices.

It has been unveiled that the company will be providing the next set of devices which will be larger than most of the cell phones, however, would be smaller than the tablet.

Dell Exits the US Smartphone Industry

DellAccording to sources, it has been revealed that Dell failed to hit the US smartphone supermarket. The product was not able to gain applauds from the US smartphone industry; it was unable to popularize itself and make a position amongst the other competitors.

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