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New Game Move

gamingIt has been recently revealed in a report that Sina from China and Dena from Japan have joined hands for cooking up a new hue for the challenging gaming market of the world. Both the firms have joined hands in order to be able to form new types of games which are fully packed with the most novel features which shall interest audiences in the future. This is basically being done for the gaming on mobile phones.

Google Gives New Doodle on This Valentine's Day

Google Gives New Doodle on This Valentine's DayMr. Michael Lipman, a veteran artist has given us a new Google Doodle on this Valentine's Day. Now working for some corporate clients, the Doodle's animator has studied fine art and animation from the University of California, Los Angeles.

Angry Birds on Facebook

FacebookFacebook gives you the most refreshing chance to enjoy the most popular multi-platform game Angry Birds on its website.

Yes, the world’s biggest socializing website has recently launched Angry Birds for its users i. e. even some hours ahead of the official launch that will be held in Jakarta at 12AM EST.

Electronic Cheques to Replace Traditional Ones

Electronic Cheques to Replace Traditional OnesSoon, the era of cheques would be put to an end as British academics have claimed of having developed an electronic cheque which would do away the unnecessary costs and time consuming procedures of traditional cheques.

Market Seems Shiny for Droid RAZR Maxx, Though Challenges Exist

RAZRAfter analyzing all aspects of the promising Droid RAZR Maxx, one thing can be stated without one bit of a doubt which creates an extremely amazing confront in a variety of ways.

Anonymous Hacks CIA’s Website

AnonymousIt has recently been found in a report that Anonymous, the popular hacker group, has been agreeing that it has hacked the Central Intelligence Agency site. The report says that the site has become unable to be accessed by anyone for a week.

Kodak Ceases Digital Camera Production

KodakIt has been revealed in a new report that Kodak would not be manufacturing pocket video cameras, digital cameras and digital picture frames from this year. It is being said that the company is now focusing on advertising its other products, for which it has decided to cease the production of cameras.

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