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Microsoft exchange server releases SP1 2010

MicrosoftMicrosoft has pronounced the release of its first service pack for its Exchange Server 2010.

It is said the latest service pack comes with an offering of latest features, up gradations and at the same time additional offerings , as reported by tech news site Windows IT Pro.

H.264 possibly to remain off the Royalty

MPEGMPEG-LA has stated that it won't be charging any royalty fee for H. 264 video encoding and streaming technology. The technology is well known in website format to help offer video content offered by users.

Cisco and Verizon to opt for 3D video

John ChambersCisco has proclaimed its plans to create its own offering of 3D video products.

According to the news report of Seer Press, Cisco CEO John Chambers stated that the firm will be looking to extend its IP video offerings.

The voiced out opinion at a visit in the Meadowland Stadium, Chambers stated that the latest offering of voice-on Internet Protocol technology offers more interactive and media rich content video.

CA technologies tags along with Amazon Web Services

AmazonAmazon Web Services in the form of enterprise-ready cloud computing partner came up in the form of joint association with CA Technologies proclaiming that it will expand its IT tools to offer support for Amazon's popular Web Services, moniker as AWS.

Sony Ericsson six new smartphones in India

Sony-EricssonSony Ericsson has expanded its offering in a significant way in the Indian market with the launch of a host of new phones in difference segments. The new handsets from the company combine advanced communication features with pleasing multimedia entertainment features.

Samsung Galaxy Tab details appear online for the first time

Samsung Galaxy Tab details appear online for the first timeThe Samsung Tab Galaxy a much talked about for iPad rival Apple has been demonstrated in a video preview from Korea.

Samsung hopes the tablet computers will not only rival but iPad anticipate the next version of Apple's tablet should be out next year. With a release date set IFA expo in Germany in this week.

Telstra has a maximum speed of 42Mbps modem

Telstra has a maximum speed of 42Mbps modemThe latest USB modem is built on the same dual-channel HSPA as an offer from rival Huawei and operates on Next G network of Telstra.

While both dongles have maximum theoretical speed of 42Mbps Telstra claims users can reach 20Mbps speed typically 5 km of the capital city central business districts and more than 1.1Mbps other hubs selected metropolitan and regional centers.

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