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Google introducing Priority Inbox feature on Gmail

Google introducing Priority Inbox feature on Gmail Internet giant, Google is introducing a new Priority Inbox feature for its email service Gmail which will arrange e-mail into sections and make it easier to manage.

Agile Tortoise introduces app for iPhone after success on iPad

Agile Tortoise introduces app for iPhone after success on iPad Agile Tortoise, whose dictionary app Terminology has been very successful on Apple iPad, is now planning to release the app named ‘Terminology Ph’ for the iPhone.

Vivid wireless deploy Right Now CRM for customer service

Vivid wirelessVivid wireless operates services based on Wi-MAX wireless broadband in Australia. Vivid wireless CX has deployed customer relationship management system to support implementation of its customer service through multiple channels of interaction including phone, web, email and chat.

Software patches has led to Westpac site woes

bank onlineWestpac has accused a software patch for web breaks which left customers unable to access the bank account online services for the Customers attempting to enter their account on the website. Westpac yesterday were greeted with long delays and were unable to gain access to all.

Microsoft exchange server releases SP1 2010

MicrosoftMicrosoft has pronounced the release of its first service pack for its Exchange Server 2010.

It is said the latest service pack comes with an offering of latest features, up gradations and at the same time additional offerings , as reported by tech news site Windows IT Pro.

H.264 possibly to remain off the Royalty

MPEGMPEG-LA has stated that it won't be charging any royalty fee for H. 264 video encoding and streaming technology. The technology is well known in website format to help offer video content offered by users.

Cisco and Verizon to opt for 3D video

John ChambersCisco has proclaimed its plans to create its own offering of 3D video products.

According to the news report of Seer Press, Cisco CEO John Chambers stated that the firm will be looking to extend its IP video offerings.

The voiced out opinion at a visit in the Meadowland Stadium, Chambers stated that the latest offering of voice-on Internet Protocol technology offers more interactive and media rich content video.

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