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Amazon to trade Novell SUSE Linux on EC2

Amazon to trade Novell SUSE Linux on EC2Novell has proclaimed the offering of its SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) cloud-based hosting service. The Enterprise software vendor stated to release Amazon Web Service who will penalize users based on hourly basis and will also offer support for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server customers.

Google shields neutrality position

Google shields neutrality positionGoogle has come up with the latest defence for its net neutrality proposal, in respect of the association with US wireless service provider Verizon.

Google and Skype may Face India messaging ban

Google and Skype may Face India messaging banGoogle and Skype might ban the messaging services in India, unless the firm goes by the norms of government security regulations. Reuters states that the government has been keeping an eye on Google's messaging service and Skype's internet telephony service for over a year.

TVS launches ‘Gold Bharat keyboard’ with new Rupee symbol

TVSTVS has announced the launch of its new ‘Gold Bharat keyword’ featuring the newly released rupee symbol for Indian currency.

TVS claims that it has become the first manufacturer to produce the keyboard that incorporates a key for the new Rupee symbol. The new symbol resembles Devanagri ‘Ra’ and Roman ‘R’ and was announced as the symbol for the currency by the government last month.

Microsoft to launch IE9 Beta on September 15

MicrosoftSoftware giant, Microsoft has said that it will launch the beta version of Internet Explorer 9 on September 15 in a San Francisco event.

The company has sent invitations for the event including an HTML5 invitation with an animated word game. The company said on Thursday that the users will be able to download code for IE9 on September 15.

Indian mathematician’s solution to a major problem has flaws, experts

Vinay-DeolalikarA few days ago, Indian born mathematician Vinay Deolalikar, who works at the Hewlett-Packard Labs (H P Labs) in California, claimed that he has successfully solved P vs NP problem in mathematics. However some experts are now claiming that the solution which was published online has certain flaws.

Blackberry Torch pleases customers

BlackberryBlackBerry 9800 also known as BlackBerry Torch appears to have received favorable reviews from the customers. The device is the first smartphone from Research In Motion (RIM) to run the new BlackBerry 6 operating system

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