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Controversy over Vodafone’s £18bn credit from tax losses

Controversy over Vodafone’s £18bn credit from tax lossesThe mobile giant Vodafone has triggered yet another controversy over its tax arrangements after claiming £17.67bn an immense amount of in tax losses which helped its half-year profits shoot up.

Families land in debt by £140 per month for mobiles

Families land in debt by £140 per month for mobilesFor some families in this technology-led era, smartphones can be a real trouble with many paying at least £140 a month for four handsets.

In the year 2007 only one in 25 calls amounting to 5800 calls a year to the Money Advice Trust were related to phonearrears.

PAC Unhappy with Govt on Rural Broadband Rollout

PAC Unhappy with Govt on Rural Broadband RolloutThe Commons Public Accounts Committee (PAC) is not happy with the way the government has provided all the 26 rural broadband contracts to BT.

The PAC has said that the Department for Culture, Media and Sport has failed to give space to healthy competition. They have mentioned the same in their report in which they have even affirmed that the public money has been forwarded without doing proper assessments.

Government Promises $15m for building new Internet Cable

Government Promises $15m for building new Internet CableGovernment has promised $15 million for a second international internet cable between New Zealand, Australia and the United States. Apart from the $15 million contribution, the government will also play a role of an anchor customer on a new cable fit to encourage research and education.

Vodafone Set to Take Over Kabel Deutschland

Vodafone Set to Take Over Kabel DeutschlandAccording to reports, Vodafone is all set to take control over Kabel Deutschland, Germany’s largest cable company.

It has been revealed by the Mobile Phone Company that 75% of the Kabel shareholders had agreed to deal with the minimum amount they needed to buy the Kabel.

Spirent Communications See Bill Burns Stepping Down

Spirent-CommunicationsBill Burns, chief executive at Spirent Communications, was in bad the previous day. In control of the testing company, the man tended to lose his job, while seeing the firm's shares going up by 5%.

As per the report, the technology company deals with testing of 3G and 4G networks as well as companies' software. While Mr. Burns bowed out, the firm came up with no reason behind the same.

Vodafone Decides to Sell Its Stake in Verizon Wireless

Vodafone-VerizonA large number of Americans have been using Verizon Wireless for the cellphone service used by them. Thus, it seems unlikely that a foreign company owns some 50% of Verizon.

But, a recent report has been claiming that the British telecommunications giant, Vodafone, has decided to sell its Verizon Wireless's 45% stake to Verizon Communications. Currently, the company is in talks for the same.

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