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Amazon Web Services Experience Performance Issues This Christmas

NetflixNetflix customers are experiencing problems with the video streaming this Christmas Eve and Amazon is to be blamed for the same. Apart from Netflix, Amazon's own Amazon Prime video streaming service and Salesforce. com's Heroku is affected.

Amazon’s 2012 version of entry-level Kindle: Excellent utilitarian $69 e-ink reader

Amazon’s 2012 version of entry-level Kindle: Excellent utilitarian $69 e-ink reader Amazon's $69-priced 2012 version of entry-level Kindle e-book reader essentially retains the successful design philosophy of its 2011 predecessor; and is an excellent utilitarian e-book reader for users who can do without a touch-screen or a self-illumination device.

MPs to Question Starbucks, Google and Amazon over Tax

MPs to Question Starbucks, Google and Amazon over TaxStarbucks, Google and Amazon are all set to face an investigation by MPs during which they would be asked the secret to paying small tax amounts while accumulating millions and billions of dollars by their side.

Black and Slate 16GB iPad mini sells out in 35 hours

iPadOn Saturday, Apple's online store showed that the black and slate version of the entry-level 16GB Wi-Fi-only model of the newly-unveiled iPad Mini was out of stock, barely 35 hours after the device was opened for pre-orders.

Internet Merchants to Pay Taxes

TaxesIt has been reported that a new law will be implemented in California on the 15th of September. The law has been designed to earn revenue from the internet merchants affiliated in California. As per the new law, the online shopping sites like Amazon and others will be asked to pay taxes.

eBay Unveils New Logo

eBayBreaking out from the old logo, eBay has revealed a whole new logo, which apparently has the same old colors, but scarped the overlapping, non-conformist letters. Confirming the same, eBay President Devin Wenig said that logo of company represents future of the company, where it aspires to move in the time to come.

Inquest Proves Oracle’s Java Security Patch ‘Flawed’

OracleThough, SANS Institute's Internal Storm Center (ICS) and Websense, a security firm, have come up with two different reports regarding Java security patch by Oracle. It has been revealed by a latest report that both of them have identified almost same shortcomings.

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