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Kindle Enthusiasts Check Out Nearest Chroma Stores for the Amazon Gadget

AmazonThis report will specially attract all those Indian Kindle enthusiasts. Now no need to wait for long, Amazon has finally heard the requests of all. The company has recently opened the Kindle e-reader store as well has launched the Kindle e-book store.

In App Payment System Being Developed By Amazon

AmazonIt has been recently revealed in a report that the CEO of Bango mobile payments firm, Mr. Ray Anderson said that there shall soon be all new mobile payment services being offered by Amazon, which is currently using their services.

Amazon Bribing People to Write Good Stuff about Them

AmazonIt has been recently revealed in a report that the famous site Amazon has been accused of bribing its customers, so that they write five star reviews for the site. It is undoubtedly one of the best online retail sites, but this allegation of paid reviews has surely plucked out a few feathers off its cap.

Star Wars Released on Pre-Order over Amazon

Force Unleashed IIStar Wars: The Force Unleashed II would be available for pre-order and fans of the franchisee are eagerly awaiting the release of the game. There has been immense anticipation from gamers and Star Wars collectors for the game, across the globe.

CA technologies tags along with Amazon Web Services

AmazonAmazon Web Services in the form of enterprise-ready cloud computing partner came up in the form of joint association with CA Technologies proclaiming that it will expand its IT tools to offer support for Amazon's popular Web Services, moniker as AWS.

3rd Generation of Amazon Kindle Sold Out For Now

3rd Generation of Amazon Kindle Sold Out For NowThe third generation of Amazon Kindle, the most famous e-book reader software and the newly released in the world, is hitting the markets with significantly lower price than that offered by the iPad. Although it has not been out for long but, according to the Company’s website, the product has been sold out. However, the Company is expected to provide the markets with a second shipment before the 17th of September.

Amazon to trade Novell SUSE Linux on EC2

Amazon to trade Novell SUSE Linux on EC2Novell has proclaimed the offering of its SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) cloud-based hosting service. The Enterprise software vendor stated to release Amazon Web Service who will penalize users based on hourly basis and will also offer support for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server customers.

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