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Amazon Kindle free games a menace?

Amazon-KindleAmazon released two free games for its Kindle ebook and with that grows disadvantages which have been compared with Apple iOS environment.

Mike James, throws light on the events and states that the two games, Shuffled Row and Every Word, don't go with the original version of Kindle and doesn't come in for users based outside US.

Amazon policy may bring e-books to mainstream

Amazon policy may bring e-books to mainstreamAmazon. com appears to be in pursuit of an aggressive pricing policy after it announced a new modified Kindle priced at just $139 for Wi-Fi only edition and $189 for the addition of 3G connectivity.

Amazon follows aggressive pricing, focuses on long term appears to be following an aggressive pricing strategy for its Kindle E- Book reader keeping in the mind the long term view in order to increase its share in the competitive market where Smartphone devices are consolidating their positions.

Amazon cuts price of Kindle e-book reader

Amazon cuts price of Kindle e-book readerThe Online retail giant Amazon. com has been the recent inclusion in the price war in the market.

The company has decided to cut the price of its e-book readers. Apart from that, it has also declared that it has slashed the price of Kindle reader as well.

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