Etihad Airways

Etihad continues flights to London

Etihad-AirwaysThe airlines company of the emirates, Etihad Airways, has continued operating in London after the phased re-opening of the Heathrow airport at London.

Flight EY11 made its departure from the Abu Dhabi airport at 9.25am, which was a delayed time from the initially scheduled time of 2.40am, while the flight EY19 made its departure at its scheduled time of 8.40am.

Etihad's new flight for Seoul-Abu Dhabi route

Etihad-AirwaysJust a year ago, it was announced that Emirates Airlines’ Seoul-Dubai non-stop route is going to use the latest A380 planes. It created ripples and there was more fire when a Korean business signed a $20 billion deal for setting up its nuclear plant in Abu Dhabi.

Etihad opens up offers to South Korea

Etihad opens up offers to South KoreaEtihad Airways has opened up special fare deals to Seoul for marking the launch of its new operations with South Korea. The fare deals include a ‘two for one' Coral Economy class fare and discounted fares in the Pearl Business class.

Airlines lobby against the government

emirates-airlineSome of the major airlines have come together and have lobbied against the government. Surprisingly, the airlines are- Etihad Airways and Emirates Airlines and they have backed their rival European and American carriers for providing them with government support and also export credits for the purchase of Boeing Airbus.

Jobs at risk in UAE airline feud

Emirates AirlineCanada's refusal flashed the political argument of the UAE's order for its two airlines, Emirates and Etihad. These airlines were to fly into three Canadian cities by the daily routes from Dubai. The UAE replied in answer as they booted the Canadian Forces out of a Dubai base. They had been using to point operations in Afghanistan. Canadian visitor's visa limitations were stroked.

ANA -Etihad sets for code share agreement

Etihad-AirwaysThe United Arab Emirates based Etihad Airways would open an Abela supermarket at Etihad Plaza where it would offer an extensive range of fresh foods and grocery products. The products would be sourced either locally or from overseas for selling at the store.

Airways' Chief People and Performance Officer said, "The opening of Abela supermarket is an excellent addition to the wide range of facilities provided for our growing workforce."