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Apple supplier Foxconn to start massive automation effort for its factories

Apple supplier Foxconn to start massive automation effort for its factories

In a recently released report, DigiTimes has revealed that Taiwanese manufacturing giant Foxconn - the company is one of the most prominent Apple suppliers - plans to automate its factories in May 2017, replacing a vast majority of human employees with robots.

According to the report, the massive automation effort which Foxconn has planned for its factories in May will involve the replacement of nearly 60,000 human workers.

Five-year deal between Blackberry and Foxconn

Five-year deal between Blackberry and FoxconnBlackBerry shares unexpectedly climbed on Friday after news of a record loss from the struggling smartphone maker was counterbalanced by an announcement of a manufacturing partnership with Taiwan-based Foxconn.

The Canadian firm reported a huge loss of $4.4 in its third quarter, which was four times higher than that in the previous quarter, as smartphone sales dropped by half.

Foxconn Shows Significant Improvements in Working Conditions

FoxconnIn an effort to improve working conditions as much as possible, Foxconn has now announced a cut in the probation period of entry-level employees, a recent report has uncovered.

It has been found that the company named Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd was asked by Washington-based Fair Labor Association to bring improvement in their working environments at the offices in China following an audit.

Swagg Security Attacks Foxconn

FoxconnRecent reports have revealed that Foxconn, the world’s largest tech manufacturing firm has been hacked. Their vulnerable systems have been made a target by the hacker group called Swagg security. Some very sensitive and confidential data of the company has been released on the internet. All this is happening amid the recent protests that have come in opposition to the working conditions of the companies’ manufacturing Apple iPhones.

Foxconn restarts operations at its factory in India

Foxconn restarts operations at its factory in IndiaFoxconn International Holdings has resumed production activities at its factory situated near the south Indian city of Chennai.

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