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Google to Develop a Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab

Quantum-Artificial-Intelligence-LabA new Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab is in making by Google to develop much smarter computers which would be able to help and solve challenging problems including world which includes diseases and environmental threats.

New Research Facility to be Launched by NASA-Google Partnership

QuantumSearch giant Google and NASA has entered a partnership and they will be soon launching a new research facility called the Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab.

Google Launches Timelapse

Google-Launches-TimelapseAs per the revelations of a new report, the mapping platform of Google Inc. has been expanded by it so that a new project dubbed Timelapse could be launched.

It is being said that the project could take one back through time so that he could witness how the planet has realized changes over the last quarter of a century.

Satyajit Ray Honored by Google-Doodle on his 92nd Birthday

Satyajit-RaySatyajit Ray, veteran film-maker of Indian cinema, has been honored by Google today on his 92nd birth anniversary. Google made a doodle on its website, which is a scene from Satyajit Ray's very first and acclaimed movie `Pather Panchali'.

Labor Day Doodle on Google’s Home Page

Labor Day Doodle on Google’s Home PageGoogle honored the workers all around the globe by setting a doodle related to the `Labors Day' on its home page. It is also termed as the International Workers' Day or the May Day.

It is a national holiday on May 1 every year in more than 80 nations. The day is also celebrated unofficially in many of the nations.

Google Announces New Age of Speed

Google Announces New Age of SpeedAgain, Google will redefine the meaning of competition. Google will be launching Gigabit Internet service to Texas' capital city by mid 2014. In an announcement made by Google, Inc., and the City of Austin, the news of the launch has been made very clear.

Swedish language Council unhappy about Google trying to control Sweden’s official language

Swedish language Council unhappy about Google trying to control Sweden’s official languageInternet search giant Google's apparent attempts to control Sweden's official language have not gone down too well with the Swedish Language Council which was recently involved in a scuffle of sorts with the company, over the use of a new word - "ogooglebar" which means "ungoogleable."

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