For Fast Data Transfers IBM Acquires Aspera

IBMIBM has settled to obtain Aspera, which specialises large file transfer technology.

IBM is bolstering its big data and cloud computing capabilities by acquiring technology that makes it easier for customer to move large data files to the cloud with this move. Financial terms of the deal have not been disclosed yet.

Watson: IBM Supercomputer to Fight against Cancer

IBM-SupercomputerWatson revealed that a new mode to treat cancer is the IBM supercomputer and is best known for its 2011 winning streak on the TV game show Jeopardy!

Former IBM Employee Says to Not Favor IBM to Win Qld Health Payroll Contract

IBMAn inquiry headed by former Supreme Court judge Richard Chesterman, QC, is scrutinizing the contract given to IBM for Queensland Health payroll in 2007.

A former IBM employee, Terry Burns, said he never tried to express preference for IBM to win the contract though any unfair means.

Watson’s Fight Against Cancer

Watson’s Fight Against CancerWatson is about to start its cancer fight as IBM has decided to use the Watson supercomputer to work against the disease. It is the first such commercial program that has been designed to use "big data" and help patients with the disease.

IBM Develops Light-Based Data Transfer System

IBM Develops Light-Based Data Transfer SystemIBM's new data transfer system will speed up the server performance highly as it's based on light. The system is expected to deliver the speed as high as 25GBps.

The research found that the servers were unable to cope up with the speed of computers themselves. It developed a photonic system delivering the super speed, while it's capable of joining multiple connections of 25GBps into one cable.

Introducing Power7+ For High-end Unix Servers: IBM

IBMThough there will be higher end systems initially but very soon a midrange and low-end boxes too will be rolled out by IBM.

IBM has recently introduced its new range of processors for its Power family of servers but it is the high end systems that are coming up first. This launch is an astounding affair with so much for the users.

Swagg Security Attacks Foxconn

FoxconnRecent reports have revealed that Foxconn, the world’s largest tech manufacturing firm has been hacked. Their vulnerable systems have been made a target by the hacker group called Swagg security. Some very sensitive and confidential data of the company has been released on the internet. All this is happening amid the recent protests that have come in opposition to the working conditions of the companies’ manufacturing Apple iPhones.

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