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IBM’s First Quarter Profits Lower than Expected

IBM’s First Quarter Profits Lower than ExpectedInternational Business Machines Corp. reported its earnings for the quarter on Monday. The technology giant reported lower profits than expected in the initial quarter after it faced another plunge in revenues. The reason for the fall this time is attributed to the strong US dollar.

Former IBM Chief, John Akers Passes Away at 79

Former IBM Chief, John Akers Passes Away at 79John Akers, the former Chairman of International Business Machines Corp. (IBM) died of a stroke on Friday at the age of 79. ld.

IBM Gets U.S. Approval as a Go Ahead for Its Sales Deal of Its Server Business to Lenovo

IBM Gets U.S. Approval as a Go Ahead for Its Sales Deal of Its Server Business to LenovoIBM or International Business Machines Corp. has cleared a review by U. S. national-security for the sales deal of its server business to Lenovo Group Ltd. of China. It can now permit the low-end server business transaction of $2.3 billion move ahead even when there is mounting tension between the two countries.

For Fast Data Transfers IBM Acquires Aspera

IBMIBM has settled to obtain Aspera, which specialises large file transfer technology.

IBM is bolstering its big data and cloud computing capabilities by acquiring technology that makes it easier for customer to move large data files to the cloud with this move. Financial terms of the deal have not been disclosed yet.

Watson: IBM Supercomputer to Fight against Cancer

IBM-SupercomputerWatson revealed that a new mode to treat cancer is the IBM supercomputer and is best known for its 2011 winning streak on the TV game show Jeopardy!

Former IBM Employee Says to Not Favor IBM to Win Qld Health Payroll Contract

IBMAn inquiry headed by former Supreme Court judge Richard Chesterman, QC, is scrutinizing the contract given to IBM for Queensland Health payroll in 2007.

A former IBM employee, Terry Burns, said he never tried to express preference for IBM to win the contract though any unfair means.

Watson’s Fight Against Cancer

Watson’s Fight Against CancerWatson is about to start its cancer fight as IBM has decided to use the Watson supercomputer to work against the disease. It is the first such commercial program that has been designed to use "big data" and help patients with the disease.

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