Nintendo’s Super Mario Run to be available on Android devises

Nintendo's wildly popular Super Mario Run smartphone game will be made available for users of Android devices as well, the mobile gaming giant announced on Wednesday.

Using its Tweeter account, Nintendo announced that the Super Mario Run videogame would be available on Android smartphones devices in March 2017, nearly three months after its release on iOS Devices in December 2016.

Hackers unlock NES Classic & successfully add new games via USB cable

Announcing NES Classic Edition this holiday season, Nintendo declared that it wouldn't officially receive new games, particularly with no WiFi protocol to download them. But that failed to prevent hackers from adding games their own way.

At Reddit's NESClassicMods community, the whiz kids suggested that one can add games to the system via USB cable. However, this solution will not work until one has created a save file in the first slot of Super Mario Bros.

Nintendo announces new ‘Pokémon Generations’ animated series

In a Tuesday announcement, Nintendo has revealed that a new Pokémon animated series -- titled 'Pokémon Generations' - will soon be released on the Internet, in a lead up to Pokémon Sun & Moon games which are scheduled to be launched in November.

The Pokémon Generations anime will mark the newest entry to the Pokémon series; and will chiefly cover the most important events from the whole of Pokémon series, starting with Pokémon Red & Blue.

Nintendo Japan’s Shares Climb on Hopes of Earning Boost from Pokemon Mobile Game

On Friday, shares of Nintendo Co of Japan climbed greater than twenty percent. That added $7.5 billion to its market value in a couple of days as hopes are hooked on boosted earnings which linger around higher sales of its new Pokemon GO videogame launched for smartphones.

On Monday, Nintendo shares spiked 23 percent at 0225 GMT at 19,960 yen during the heavy trading hours. Earlier they climbed to 20,190 yen, marking the highest since November 2015.

Nintendo’s Game Boy marked its 25th anniversary on April 21, 2014

Nintendo’s Game Boy marked its 25th anniversary on April 21, 2014April 21, 2014, marked the 25th anniversary of Nintendo's Game Boy portable gaming system. Despite the fact that the Game Boy was discontinued years back, the device's legacy lives on among hordes of nostalgic Game Boy fans.

Students Become Better Surgeons after Playing Nintendo Wii: Reports

Nintendo-WiiAccording to recent reports, medicals students perform better at surgeries after playing Nintendo Wii for one hour everyday for five days in a week for a month.