T-Mobile obtains FCC’s approval for deploying LTE-U technology

T-Mobile obtains FCC’s approval for deploying LTE-U technology

Telecommunications giant T-Mobile USA has gained regulatory approval to deploy a new LTE technology over the same 5GHz frequencies that are used by Wi-Fi.

T-Mobile posts better-than-expected results

T-Mobile's aggressive pricing has emphatically punched a hole in rivals Verizon and AT&T, which have little choice but to fight fire with fire to retain existing customers and attract new ones.

In a tightly-competitive market like the U. S., telecommunication services providers have to slash their prices even if their margins and ARPUs have to take a hit. T-Mobile's newest stats and guidance indicate that it continues to inflict pain on rivals.

EFF thinks that T-Mobile’s new data plan could violate Net Neutrality principles

According to a Daily Dot report, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is apparently apprehensive that the new 'T-Mobile One' data plan launched recently by US wireless carrier T-Mobile could violate the principles of Net Neutrality.

As per the report, the EFF's concerns about a possible violation of Net Neutrality principles by the 'T-Mobile One' data plan are seemingly rooted in the manner in which the plans enables data usage by customers.

T-Mobile and Sprint are bringing affordable unlimited data plans

In an announcement made via their respective press releases on Thursday, US wireless carriers T-Mobile and Sprint said that they are reintroducing affordable unlimited data plans for their customers.

The announcements by T-Mobile and Sprint that they are bringing unlimited data plans back from extinction implies that the two carriers will offer competing unlimited data plans to wireless customers who are willing to relinquish video quality.

T-Mobile believes its wireless coverage will match Verizon’s coverage in next one year

During the course of an exclusive interview on Thursday, Neville Ray - the Chief Technology Officer of T-Mobile - said that, within the next one year, the wireless coverage of T-Mobile will be able to match the industry-leading wireless coverage offered by Verizon.

The statement by Ray has come against the backdrop of the fact that T-Mobile's LTE network currently covers approximately 311 million people - in theoretical terms, not the actual number of subscribers - whereas Verizon's LTE coverage is available to a few more million people.  

T-Mobile posts Greater –Than- Expected Losses But Record Growth in Number of Subscribers

T-Mobile posts Greater –Than- Expected Losses But Record Growth in Number of Subscribers