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Gulf Film Festival be start in Dubai

Gulf Film Festival be start in Dubai From Thursday, the fourth Gulf Film Festival will start and close to 44 Emirati films are going to be displayed during the occasion. The main idea behind the festival is to showcase the cinematic excellence of the place.

Some 21 films are eying to get the top honors in the Gulf Competition. Student competition has 13 while some 150 are free for the public to watch.

Various projects of UAE filmmakers have been shown at Berlin International Film Festival

Berlin-International-Film-FestivalOn Thursday, Berlin International Film Festival has been set off. It was the 61st anniversary of the festival. Many attendees were present in this festival. Four UAE-based filmmakers were also present in the occasion. They have been taken by the Abu Dhabi Film Commission (ADFC).

Priyadarshan to direct the first Indian movie in Abu Dhabi

priyadarshanOne of India's most famous and popular directors, Priyadarshan will shoot his upcoming film in Abu Dhabi. It will be the first Indian movie to be shot completely on location in the UAE.

The project is a conglomerate between the UAE's Jancos Entertainment and the Indian producing team which comprises of Ashok Kumar, Jamal Nuaimi and Naveen Shashidharan.

Latest James Bond book based in Dubai

James-BondDubai residents had been anxious waiters of the new James Bond book's plot details following its announcement made yesterday that the novel will be set in their exotic city of Dubai itself.

Jane’s Addiction new album to be released soon

Janes-AddictionThe latest album of Jane's Addiction is going to be an apparent inspiration by Muse and Radiohead. According to frontman Perry Farrell, the group's fans are going to be shocked by the difference in their upcoming record sounds as compared to the band's heavily rock 'n' roll guitar-led previous albums.

Shahrukh to pay tax on villa

Shahrukh-KhanIndian superstar, Shahrukh Khan was recently in trouble over taxation issues when some problem cropped up with his 17.84 crore villa in Dubai.

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