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Pop star Nelly Furtado set the stage on fire

Pop star Nelly Furtado set the stage on fireAs soon as the pop star Nelly Furtado reached the stage in Abu Dhabi on Thursday November 25, the star set the stage on fire.

The singer decided to made connect with her fans in the Middle East and going by the experts of the industry, her concert is considered her 1st ever show in the UAE.

Jeremy Renner could 'Take Over' 'Mission Impossible'

Tom CruiseJeremy Renner might be replacing Tom Cruise in the upcoming Mission Impossible movies.

Renner, who had co-starred Cruise in the fourth film, Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, told MTV News from the Dubai set that the franchise was potentially to take over and that nothing can be predicted about the future and what the film makers want. However, the idea is most definitely taking over.

Joe Jonas and Green Presented Drama at Aerodrome

Joe JonasAn interesting incident took place at an air base in Abu Dhabi. Joe Jonas and his girlfriend Ashley Greene were checked by custom officers at the aerodrome as they were suspected to carry a set of razor sharp knives with them.

French actors going for Dubai film festival

Film FestivalSome of the most prominent French actors, Sean Penn, Colin Firth, Ayman Zeidan and Ahmad Bedir and none other than Sean Penn are going to attend the Dubai International Film Festival. The event will be taking place in December.

Shilpa gets flat in tallest building as anniversary gift

Shilpa ShettyBollywood actress, Shilpa Shetty spent her first wedding anniversary at a flat in the tallest building of the world with her hubby, Raj Kundra. Her new home is on the 90th floor of the building which is present in Dubai in Burj Khalifa.

Tom Cruise to fly up in the sky!

Tom Cruise to fly up in the sky! The Hollywood heartthrob, Tom Cruise has decided to take his daredevil stunts to a new level altogether It has been learned that he will be performing stunts close to 160 levels up or 2,717ft up in the air.

It has been learned form a source that the 48-year-old star will be performing this stunt at the world's tallest building. It may be noted here that the building reached half a mile into the Dubai skyline.

Tom Cruise sky high in Dubai

Tom CruiseThe daredevil stunts of the Hollywood star Tom Cruise is in another level. This time it has reached 160 levels and 2,717ft up in the air.

Peacefully the 48-year-old adrenaline junkie balances on top of the world's tallest building. It reaches half a mile into the Dubai skyline.

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