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Sush is in no hurry to get married

Sushmita SenWhile the bollywood diva Sushmita Sen will turn 35 on Friday but the actor is in no mood to tie the knot so far and is happy being single.

It is to be mentioned here that she is planning an all-girls party in Dubai with her two daughters and mother. Moreover, the former beauty queen largely known for living life on her own terms will see three generations of Sen Women all together on her birthday this time.

Mission Impossible 4

Mission Impossible 4The fourth episode of the most recent sequence shall have as a minimum one high chore, which is shooting for the shots concerning the globe's highest structure. Bryan Burke, Producer of MI4 expressed that it will comprise shots with Dubai's in excess of half-mile-high (828-meter-high) Burj Khalifa.

Coming soon: Asterix in 3D

Coming soon:  Asterix in 3DAsterix lovers are going to get a treat. Asterix, which is one of most popular comics in the world, is going to be made in 3D movie. Asterix comics are so popular that till now they have been translated in over 100 languages. The writer of the Asterix comics was René Goscinny and the pictures were illustrated by Albert Uderzo. In 1959, the comics were first published in a magazine called Pilote.

On Saturday Oct 23, Celine Dion gave birth to twins

On Saturday Oct 23, Celine Dion gave birth to twinsOn Saturday 23rd October 2010¸ the famous 42 year old singer, Celine Dion gave birth to twin boys. According to her, originally she was expecting triplets, but she lost one baby during the pregnancy.

Stories of French war brides told by Local filmmakers

Cigarettes-NylonsGlen Pitre and Michelle Benoit Lafourche Parish filmmakers and husband-and-wife team are all set to premiere their fresh film titled as, “Cigarettes & Nylons.”

Celine Dion reveals her triplets secret

Celine DionOne of the leading names in the US entertainment industry, Celine Dion has recently revealed that she was carrying triplets at a time when she lost them in early pregnancy.

Actor Paul Hogan denied paying his ATO debt

Paul-HoganThe Australian actor Paul Hogan has refused to pay his ATO debts and has said that he does not have that much of money to pay his multi million dollars tax bill as his property records suggests that he will face a big loss on the sale of his mansion of California.

The Australian Taxation Office is chasing the actor because of his millions of unpaid tax and ordered him not to leave the country.

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