Toyota slapped with $180M fine for not complying with CAA emissions-reporting requirements

Toyota slapped with $180M fine for not complying with CAA emissions-reporting requirements

Japanese multinational automotive manufacturer Toyota Motor Corporation has been ordered to pay a hefty fine of $180 million for failing to comply with the Clean Air Act’s (CAA’s) carbon emissions-

Low Rainfall Add to South Africa’s Water Crisis

Low rainfall is depleting South Africa's water sources. Last Tuesday, the authorities said that a water crisis could be faced by the country as dam levels decline rapidly.

According to the Department of Water and Sanitation, the most recent assessment which is conducted on weekly basis showed a steep drop in rainfall mainly resulting from the El Nino phenomenon. In dams countrywide, the water levels have declined on a weekly basis.

UAE residents prepare for more heat this week

The United Arab Emirates' (UAE) Met office has said that the temperatures are expected to rise in the coming days this week as residents prepare for the hotter days.

The UAE's National Centre for Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS) also said that there will be a rise in the humidity levels and it will reach 90 per cent around the coastal areas in the UAE. The weather experts said that the Friday would see a fair weather in general and might be partially cloudy in some parts of the country.

Globally Environmental Crime Estimated to have Gone Up to $258Billion in a Year

June 5, marks the World Environment Day. Though more and more focus is being given to environmental protection and improvement but the crime rate is still on the rise. Environment related crime lists fourth in the world only after smuggling of drugs, counterfeit and human trafficking.

There has been a sudden lump in a couple of years in the environment related crimes valued between $91 and $258 billion worldwide. It's a twenty six percent jump from 2014 according to a new Interpol and the United Nations report that was published on Saturday.