Strict Law Against Drunken Drivers in New York

Strict Law Against Drunken Drivers in New YorkMaking the law more stringent, the New York officials have issued regulations on Tuesday that clearly states that if anyone's license is snatched by the police for misbehaving or driving when drunk, then he will neither get his license back nor will be issued with a newer one. Officials are trying to prevent the incidences when relentless drunken drivers get their licenses back.

Jury Awards US$3 million to US Family

Jury Awards US$3 million to US FamilyAs per reports, it has been revealed that Jurors in Gwinnet County, Georgia, awarded US$3 million to the family of a US man who died of heart attack while having sex with two women. William Martinez lawyer said that before having sex with both the women, William visited cardiology specialist who did not tell him to avoid any physical activity.

Campaigners Lose Their Legal Battle

Legal-BattleAs per reports, today a group of campaigners has lost its legal battle against the Norfolk incinerator when Judge Mr. Justice Nico dismissed all the claims, restricting the Grimston resident permission for a complete judicial review of the decision while directing Michael de Whalley, a member of the King's Lynn, to pay costs. This week, he had knocked the High Court while tagging the decision as “unlawful”.

Hospital Nurse Warned for Intimate Relation with Patient’s Spouse

DisciplinaryIn last few days, it was reported to the Health Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal that a female nurse has been found building sexual relation with the husband of a patient in the hospital. In this regard, the Disciplinary Tribunal has warned the nurses not to get involved into any such relations; else their career would be exhausted.

Sentence Adjourned for Former Knights Player

Sentence Adjourned for Former Knights PlayerFormer Newcastle Knights player and confessed drug dealer Danny Wicks, 25, was charged with allegations of supplying illegal drugs, including ecstasy and methamphetamine in 2009.

Police found $1200 cash stashed in a pair of underpants and 26.9 grams of methyl amphetamine wrapped in a pair of board shorts.

Merchant set free of tampering Dubai World Ports papers

A trader has been set cleared of faking a Dubai World Ports record, endorsing a driver's work to a manager and raising his salary to get a British student visa for his lad.