Free lawyers given to poor defendants in Dubai

LawA legal representation in the UAE is going to be held from the first public defenders' office. It would be free of cost and it would be provided to one who is charged as a criminal in a Dubai court or one who can’t afford a lawyer.

The emirate's Community Development Authority (CDA) will be building this new service. They are hoping that it will be started before 2012.

The Supreme Court directed the government to respond to CAG report

A RajaThe government of India was directed by the Supreme Court to take action on the CAG report which had clearly indicated massive irregularities and nepotism done purportedly by A Raja, the telecom minister in the scam regarding the allocation of 2G spectrum worth seventy thousand crores of rupees in the year of 2008.

Court Asks for Fresh Report on Raju’s Health

RamaLinga_RajuNizam Institute of Medical Sciences is asked to submit a fresh report on the state of health of the main culprit B Ramalinga Raju in the multi-crore Satyam scam.

The first report on the same did not satisfy the court, hence it asked for a second one. The medical report did not mention that for how long Raju will be treated as an in-patient.

UAE soon to get its first water conservation law

Water-LawThe latest reports have suggested that the UAE's first water conservation law aimed at controlling misuse of water and bringing together utility companies across the country has reached under the final review. In another 12 months, environmental officials are expecting this law to be passed.

Chicago Man Sues Over Salami Sickness Claims

Raymond Cirimele, 55, from Chicago has filed a lawsuit against a Rhode Island meat company and tow of its former suppliers of spice, claiming he fell sick after consuming salami that has been linke

News Corp. reaches lawsuit settlement with Valassis

News Corp., the owner of the Wall Street Journal, will pay $500 million to settle a lawsuit filed by Michigan-based Valassis Communications Inc. over competition in the newspaper insert business.

A federal case filed by Valassis Communications against News Corp.’s News America Marketing unit had been scheduled to open in Michigan on Tuesday.

It was informed that the $500-million settlement deal would cover the $300-million jury award in July by a Michigan circuit court plus the federal and California cases.