Male birth control moves one step closer to being available

Scientists have said that a new male birth control technique has passed another clinical trial and has moved one step closer to being available for people.

They said that the technique passed another trial with tests on rabbits. The tests showed that one injection can deliver safe and effective contraception to males for at least 12 months without the need for condoms. They also found that the treatment, known as Vasalgel can be fully reversed.

Australia to spend $3m to study impact of wind turbines on human health

The authorities in Australia have said that it will spend 3 million Australian dollars or 2.5 US dollars for a research to study the impact of wind turbines on human health.

High likelihood of drug abuse among children who were jailed, study

A new study has said that children, who went through a juvenile detention center, are much more likely to get linked to drug and alcohol abuse and dependency.

The North-western Medicine study found that the rate of drug and alcohol abuse was high among children, who were once held at Cook County's juvenile detention center. they researchers found that more than than 90 percent of males and nearly 80 percent of females were found to be with substance abuse disorder" at some point in their lives.

Experts advise against using phones, laptops before bedtime

Healthcare experts have said that people looking for a sound sleep should not use devices like laptops and phones before bedtime.

They offered a range of recommendations for helping people to sleep better. They said that little lifestyle changes are required to ensure that people get their sleep for a healthy lifestyle. Experts said that people should avoid sleeping long hours during the weekend for getting sound sleep every day.

Recent Study Shows Vermont Maple Industry Contributes About $300 Million to State’s Economy through Sales

Recent Study Shows Vermont Maple Industry Contributes About $300 Million to State’s Economy through SalesThe Center for Rural Studies at the University of Vermont conducted a study for the Vermont Maple Sugar Makers Association, which found that Vermont's maple industry contributed in a range of $317 and $330 million from total sales to economy of the state in 2013.

New study shows aspirin reduces risk of cancer

A new study has shown that taking aspirin regularly can significantly reduce the risk of cancer, in line with several earlier studies.