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Long Term Mobile Phone Usage Increases Risk of Cancer - WHO Study

A study which the World Health Organization (WHO) has been undertaking for over a decade, and has cost a total of ?20 Million, has found out that heavy mobile phone users are exposed to an increased risk of developing brain tumors in later stages of life.

Although the conclusion is not very definite yet, the WHO stands by its claims.

The Future Lies in Genetically Modified Crops

Genetically Modified Crops

Experts of science from the Royal Academy today outlined the need for Genetically Modified (GM) crops. Reasons allocated for such a requirement include the ever growing population, the subsequent food crisis and the infamous ‘Global Warming’. With passing time, the climate worsens and to survive these harsh conditions GM techniques will be required.

Now Too Much Protein Could Be Harmful

High Protein Diet

Research suggests that high protein diets can shrink brain and might cause Alzheimer’s. The study shows that mice fed with meals containing high proteins similar to those of the original Atkin’s diet had 5% lighter brains than others.

Fat Would Be The New Thin, Future Women Would Be Heavier, Shorter – Research

Future Women Would Be Heavier, Shorter

A research done by scientists of Yale University has concluded the effects of Darwin’s natural selection spread over two generations of contemporary women and has predicted that their descendants would be a little shorter and chubbier.

A T Kearney report: Consolidation wave has commenced in UAE realty sector

A T Kearney report: Consolidation wave has commenced in UAE realty sector

A recently released report by A.T. Kearney, a leading global strategic consulting firm, has concluded the consolidation across the realty segment of UAE and GCC has started.

However, the report also added that it is a time for the real estate companies to learn a lesson from what had happened in similar markets, such as Singapore and Hong-Kong, adversely influenced by real estate cycle bursts in past decades. Very few companies managed to survive amid real estate boom and highly over-supplied environment in these countries.

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