Researchers Cite Stain-Repellent Chemical to Cause Thyroid

Researchers Cite Stain-Repellent Chemical to Cause ThyroidScientists have revealed to have found a link between a stain-repellent chemical used in consumer goods like non-stick pans and water-resistant fabrics with thyroid disease, triggering questions about the potential health risks of exposure to the harmful chemical.

Burj Khalifa Brings Pride for Dubai: Survey

Burj-KhalifaRecently opened Burk Khalifa, the tallest building of the world, has been turning as a source of great pride for residents, as claimed by the online Omnibus survey conducted on January 5 and 11.

Seventy two per cent of the 811 respondents eagerly watched the opening ceremony on their TV sets, while some termed the opening far above their expectations.

Vitamin C Might Help Adult Cells Generate Stem Cells

A new research has suggested that Vitamin C, the antioxidant highly recommended as a means to fight against common colds and heal wounds quickly, might just be beneficial in helping adult cells generate stem cells which appear to be embryonic-like.

The new study has added further evidence to previous research findings which have revealed that adult cells can be reprogrammed. But the researchers have been quick to explain that there is a problem - the process seems to work very well.

Antidepressants May be "Less Neurotic"

An extensive study of people who have been prescribed GlaxoSmithKline's Paxil, known generically as paroxetine, has suggested that the medicine, which is essentially a treatment to combat depression, might also treat factors like neuroticism in users, which is the root cause of depression.

Rise in Diabetes' Obesity Rates Alarming and Rapid - US Study

A recent American study has discovered that every 1 person in 5 suffering from type-2 diabetes is nearly 100 pounds overweight, sending doctors and scientists into added worry about a disease which is spreading across the county at an alarming rate, and the study has also asserted that the number is rapidly growing.

Slow Walkers More At Risk of Cardiovascular Diseases - Research

A recent research, published in the British Medical Journal, has revealed that people who walk slowly are thrice more likely to develop, and die from, cardiovascular diseases compared to those who are brisk walkers. The study was carried out by the University Pierre and Marie Curie in France.