Scientists to study probable link between Zika virus and anerve condition

A team of scientists in South America are aiming to determine if there is any link between mosquito-borne Zika virus and a rare nerve condition that can cause paralysis and leave victims on life-support.

The dangerous Zika virus is already linked to a rash of microcephaly that causes birth defects in babies, who are born with unusually small heads. The healthcare workers in Brazil, Colombia and El Salvador have advised women in those countries to avoid the risk by postponing pregnancies. The researchers are yet to determine how the virus may affect infants.

New study aims to develop treatment for Crohn's

A global team of researchers are working to develop more effective treatment for people living with Crohn's disease.

Study shows cocaine can cause brain cells to destroy themselves

According to a new study, high does od cocaine can cause brain cells to destroy themselves in a process known as autophagy.

Dr PrasunGuha, who led the research, said that the experiment on mice showed that the drug caused mice's brain cells to destroy themselves. Researchers pointed out that at one side the drug can cause 'autophagy', on the other side that can also be used to help dissolve unwanted cells.

Preventive pill can help avoid HIV cases

According to a new research, a daily intake of HIV pills in the UK can prevent upto 10,000 new cases of HIV in the United Kingdom by the year 2020.

The new study said suggested adoption of preventive measures to stop new cases. The study also said that the pre-exposure prophylaxis or preventive measures should be offered under the NHS in the UK. Health Chiefs in the UK are planning to offer £5,000-a-year pill to at-risk men. The stusy also said that the scheme will be available in clinics around the country this year.

Study Suggests Self-driving Cars are Safer than Human Driven Cars

Self self-driving car is now a close reality but the question still lingers, how safe are they?

The automated vehicle technology is gaining popularity no doubt and according to some tech experts those will arrive on the global roads sooner than expected. Gaining popularity is one thing and reality is anther, will they really be safer on roads compared to the traditional cars?

Safeguarding Artificial intelligence from Harming Humans Researchers Join Hands with Big Names in OpenAI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is all around us starting from the phones to the cars. However, anxieties about robot uprising in the future against humans has made a bunch of high-tech heavyweights team up with big names like Elon Musk to launch something called OpenAI . It's a new non-profit research that will ensure AI is used for the benefit of the human race and not otherwise.