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Keep Difficult Passwords, Urge Experts

PasswordsTime and again, concerns have been raised about the weak passwords, which make computer systems vulnerable in the hands of hackers. However, not once, but a number of times, experts have affirmed that people should keep difficult passwords, which are difficult to hack.

Ministry of Defense Embarrassed For Mishandling Confidential Information

Ministry of Defense Embarrassed For Mishandling Confidential InformationAccording to the reports of the Daily Star, the Ministry of Defense mistakenly disclosed some highly confidential data of the British Government. This is the second time that the department is committing the same kind of mistake.

DWTC Ensures Secure Network security and coverage

DWTC Ensures Secure Network security and coverage The Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) assured that proper network coverage in the premises would be offered to the visitors and residents through n 802.11n network based on the Aruba Mobile Virtual Enterprise (MOVE) architecture.

Mideast defense spending set to hit $100bn

A latest report predicts that the defense spending in the Middle East shall cross 100bn by 2014, with Saudi Arabia leading the arms race.

The study by Frost & Sullivan ranks Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Iraq and Israel as the region’s four biggest spenders on defense. Furthermore, the Gulf Kingdom pays out a minimum of $36bn annually over the next five years.

Last year saw the UAE investing nearly 4bn into its military, with Israel paying out around $13bn.

UAE to buy Missile Defense System from United States

On Monday, the Washington Post announced that the Pentagon has planned to sell the THAAD missile defense system to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), worth up to 7 billion U.S. Dollar.

It further informed that the Pentagon is expected to inform the Congress for approval of sale very soon.

U.S defense analysis further said that the new system is thought to be used by UAE to protect itself from missile attacks from Iran. In the near future, this system can also be integrated into the U.S. air defense network in the Middle East.