FriendFinder Networks hacked; more than 412 million accounts leaked

FriendFinder Networks hacked; more than 412 million accounts leakedIn a hack first reported by breach notification site LeakedSource, adult dating service company Friend Finder Network has been hacked. As a result of the hack, more than 412 million accounts have been leaked.

Microsoft: Upcoming UUP technology will reduce the size of Windows 10 updates

In a noteworthy announcement made this week, software biggie Microsoft has revealed that its forthcoming 'Unified Update Platform' (UUP) technology will help the company reduce the size of future Windows 10 updates by one- third.

The imminent use of the UUP technology by Microsoft marks the latest behind-the-scenes change being made by the company in its Windows 10 OS, underscoring a tweak of the Windows update process.

Phil Schiller: New MacBook Pro is Apple’s fastest selling Pro laptop

During the course of a recent interview with The Independent, Phil Schiller -- Apple's Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing -- said that the new MacBook Pro laptop, which was introduced by Apple at an event last week, is the fastest selling Pro laptop from Apple.

Some of the best Clear Cases for Pixel and Pixel XL handsets in US

The users of Google's new Pixel and Pixel XL flagship handsets in the US can opt for Clear Cases for their devices if they want to purchase a case which neither makes the handset look bulky nor obscures its color.

Clear cases are apparently a perfect choice for the owners of Google Pixel and Pixel XL handsets because they are slim and light cases which minimize extra bulkiness. Such cases are ideal for discreet protection of handsets, even though they provide a comparatively lesser level of protection than rugged cases.

Niantic rolling out a new update for Pokémon GO mobile game

In a brief, 30-second video recently posted on the Pokémon GO YouTube channel, Niantic Labs has revealed that it is rolling out a new update for the popular mobile game, unfolding some Pokémon-specific bonuses for gamers.

According to the video, one of the bonuses which will be part of the new update to the Pokémon GO game - which presently is available for iOS and Android devices - will be a special Halloween event, which is scheduled to take place between October 26 and November 1.

YouTube videos show Google Pixel is more durable than indicated by the company

According to indications from two separate YouTube videos, the newly-launched Google Pixel handset is apparently more water resistant and more durable than what is conveyed by Google's meagre IP53 official rating for the handset.

The IP53 rating with which Google has equipped the Pixel handset implies that, technically speaking, the device is not actually meant to withstand even splashes of water. As such, going by the mentioned rating, Google Pixel handset would be best kept away from any source of water, unless it is protectively encased in a waterproof case.