Report: Apple can see who iMessage users are chatting with

In a report published on Wednesday, The Intercept has drawn attention to a glaring flaw in tech giant Apple's iMessage chatting service, revealing that Apple gets to see the phone numbers to which an iMessage user is sending a message.

According to the report, Apple apparently does not know what a message sent out by an iMessage user precisely says, because it claims that "iMessage is encrypted end-to-end." However, the company can definitely see the phone numbers to which the user is considering sending a message.

Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 uptake status reveals slowed adoption pace

In a disclosure made on Monday, software biggie Microsoft said that the latest version of Windows operating system - Windows 10 - is currently running on 400 million devices. The disclosure implies that the adoption pace of Windows 10 OS has slowed down.

The latest Windows 10 uptake status was revealed by Microsoft on Monday, in coincidence with the commencement of 2016 edition of its Ignite conference in Atlanta.

Google may announce Android-Chrome OS hybrid software at Oct. 4 event

According to some recent reports and rumors, tech biggie Google may announce its Android-Chrome OS merger at the company's product launch event scheduled to be held on October 4.

Though the forthcoming event is expected to mark the unveiling of Google's two new handsets - likely to be called Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones - as well as the Google W-Fi router, among other hardware, recent reports have hinted that the spotlight at the event will probably be on software, not hardware.

Samsung: There will be 500,000 Galaxy Note 7 replacements in US stores on Wednesday

Samsung Electronics said on Tuesday that replacement handsets for nearly 50 percent of the recalled Galaxy Note 7 units will be available in US stores on Wednesday. The disclosure by Samsung came while updating press on the status of Galaxy Note 7 recall and exchange program.

GoPro unveils a drone; two new camera models

During an event held at Squaw Valley Ski Resort in California on Monday, action cam manufacturer GoPro unveiled its first drone, and two new cameras.

Mobileye: Tesla allowed hands-free driving over Mobileye’s objections

In its filing with the U.S. Securities Commission on Friday, Israeli firm Mobileye - a company known for its vision systems for vehicles - accused its former partner Tesla Motors of allowing the drivers of its electric vehicles to drive hands-free while using the 'Autopilot' driving assistance system even despite Mobileye's objections.