Jerry Brown
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California’s Governor to Raise Tax

Jerry-BrownIt has been reported that California Governor Jerry Brown is planning to raise tax in order to support the education system. This step by Jerry Brown can attract criticism from all walks of life as people are already fed up with sluggish policies of the government. One ore wrong step by the government can put it in tight position.

No parental consent for girls to get HPV vaccine

No parental consent for girls to get HPV vaccineA bill was signed into law by Gov Jerry Brown which states that girls from California as young as 12 without parental consent can receive the human papillomavirus, or HPV, vaccine without the consent of their parents. Next year in January the law will get implemented.

Big health insurers' financial records scanned

insuranceAs a part of widening investigations of the industry, California Attorney General Jerry Brown subpoenaed records related to finances and other documents from the state's seven largest health insurance companies on Thursday.

According to Brown, there were reports of illegal practices taking place among state health insurers. It was a major concern that premiums were being raised unjustly and payment of legitimate claims was being denied.

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