Sulaiman al-Fahim

Portsmouth Owner Sulaiman al-Fahim Admitted To Hospital

According to the reports, Portsmouth holder Sulaiman al-Fahim has been admitted in Dubai hospital with kidney stones.

The owner of Premier League club will go through a surgical operation on Friday to remove the stones.

As per reports, Al-Fahim will require a couple of days to get well, and will not capable of attending the planned conference with delegates of the Saudi al-Faraj brothers on Sunday.

Whopping £40m Portsmouth takeover completed by Al-Fahim

Yesterday, the long-awaited takeover of Portsmouth was finally completed by Sulaiman Al-Fahim, which came as a surprise to club officials, including chief executive Peter Storrie, since they were hoping the control to be assumed by the latter's own consortium.

New Chairman of Portsmouth a UAE businessman

Tuesday saw a businessman from the United Arab Emirates becoming the Chairman of Portsmouth, after the English Premier League had approved his proposed financial takeover of the soccer club.

Sulaiman al-Fahim - who required convincing the league that he was a suitable person to take control of the club from the current owner Alexandre Gaydamak, who has decided to sell it - had helped the takeover of Manchester City last September, on behalf of an Abu Dhabi investment group.