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NZ Government announces new nurse scholarships

NZ Government announces new nurse scholarshipsIn a recent announcement, the New Zealand Government has said that scholarships will be given to 48 graduate nurses to work in general practices in some of the higher need or low income communities in the country. These communities include Aranui, Kaikohe, Mangere, Murupara, Kawerau, Waitakere, Wairoa, and Whanganui.

Novel iPhone App not of Much Use: Health Minister

Novel iPhone App not of Much Use: Health MinisterAccording to new reports, the Health Minister of the New Zealand was criticized by a Massey University professor for not providing a self-diagnosis tool to the needy. The professor said this health app is not proving useful to the needy people of the New Zealand.

Government Offers $92m for Family Carers

Tony-RyallAccording to new reports, government has decided to offer an amount of $92 million to wage carers, who take care of disabled.

The previous year, the government was discriminating with the disabled family members by not paying any money to them.

Government Hikes Prescription Fee

Government Hikes Prescription FeeIt would perhaps not go down well with anyone as increase in prescription cost for poor is indeed shocking. With government aiming to save extra money for bolstering healthcare needs, the move was taken to raise the prescription fee from $3 to $5.

New Initiative to Support Cancer Sufferers

Tony-RyallHealth Minister Mr. Tony Ryall has announced in this week’s statement about the share of the Southern District Health Board of the national initiative that aimed to support and guide cancer sufferers throughout their treatment.

The minister said that Southern will receive funding for three cancer co-ordination nurses amounting to $960,000 over four years to pay for the staff including two full-time and one part-time nurse.

Central PHO Needs to Improve

Tony-RyallCentral Primary Health Organization is being claimed as lagging behind other PHOs on the PHO league tables, a recent report has uncovered.

It is being affirmed by Health Minister Tony Ryall that the Central PHO is in urgent need of making overhauls in its system and bringing improvements.

New Zealand to start New Schemes to Promote Organ Donation

New Zealand to start New Schemes to Promote Organ DonationOrgan donation is an issue that is dealt with a lot of countries across the globe. There are many patients who die just waiting for a suitable organ that could be transplanted. The situation worsens due to the fact that not all organs that are donated are suitable for transplantation as the body of a person rejects most of the organs.

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