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Dallas Based Comerica to Trim Almost 800 Jobs and Shutter 40 Branches

Dallas Based Comerica to Trim Almost 800 Jobs and Shutter 40 Branches

Dallas, Texas based financial service company, Comerica, which is also the second-largest bank in Michigan said, it plans to trim about 800 jobs and shutter forty branches. The action is part of a cost cutting effort and perk up profitability in the ever growing competitive market and challenging environment for the retail division of the financial sector.

However, it was not clear how the planned job cuts will affect numbers in Michigan or its branches in the state.

Memorial Day Weekend, Travellers Hit the Road with Rising Gas Prices

TravellersIt’s time for the Memorial Day weekend and people are packing their bags to hit the road. The fun summer time travel gets some dampening effect from a hike in fuel prices almost every year.

Ezell Twins to Leave Hospital Today

conjoinedOnce conjoined Ezell twins, Owen and Emmitt, now nine months old, will be leaving Medical City Children's Hospital in Dallas on April 16 to enter a rehab facility and then would finally go home.

A Gentle Walk Keeps You Fit for Long

exerciseExperts from UT Southwestern Medical Centre in Dallas, US, have been suggesting one and all to start going for a stroll on a daily basis, as per a recent report, saying the light exercise does what one thinks is not sufficient for.

Published this Monday in the Archives of Internal Medicine, the study conducted on 18,670 men and women has led the researchers to conclude that a simple walk is enough for gaining long-term benefits.

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