The Fist Koala Joey of UK is a Male

Koala According to a latest report, it has happened for the first time that a koala joey has been born in the UK and the Edinburgh Zoo staff confirms that it is a boy.

It has been revealed by the sources that Yooranah was born at Edinburgh Zoo in May 2013. The keepers of the zoo where the animal was born said they waited to handle the little one until he had fully emerged from mother Alinga's pouch.

Modest Changes in Lifestyle Help Improve Type2 Diabetes

type-2-diabetesAccording to a new study, modest lifestyle changes in diet and activity help in improving chances of losing weight, leading to reduction in risk of getting type2 diabetes. This trend has been followed by South Asian families and would therefore show improvement over their health and wellbeing.

New £1.35m Cancer Centre in Edinburgh for Young People

EdinburghA £1.35m facility has been opened by Sarah, Du

Decline in Number of Old Age Dependents in UK

Old-AgeResearchers from the University of Edinburgh said that there seems to have decline in number of dependent people in Britain. On analyzing the population data, they declared that this number has been reduced by third in past four decades. It has been predicted that this number is likely to stabilize at its current levels.

Ministers Looking for Purchaser of East Coast Main Line

National-ExpressThe franchising process has recently been started by ministers. According to a report, they have now been seeking the East Coast Main line's return to the private sector.

The reason behind the same is the belief that the return of the line could invigorate the same.

Koala Born in Edinburgh Zoo

KoalaThe Edinburgh zoo has come up with a specialist breeding programme for koalas. After over eight years, a koala has been born. It is the first koala of the UK after the programme was initiated.

Zoo officials said the birth of the koala joey is not an easy task. Moreover, when the koala is born then it is extremely small, like the size of jelly bean. Koala's mother keeps her in pouch for six months before it emerges into the world.