One Million Jobs Created by App Stores

App storeApple, the technology giant approximates that the company has assisted in creating about 629,000 jobs directly or indirectly in Europe through the 'app economy.'

Apple, which earlier refused to validate the number of employs in Ireland, said in a report which was released yesterday that the company it has 4,000 employees in its Cork it's headquarter and a total of 16,000 employees in Europe.

Car Sales Growth Slows in Europe

Car Sales Growth Slows in EuropeThough the figures showing the recovery of car sales in the EU remained undaunted in the month of April, yet slow growth in demand is causing considerable worry after a brawny first three months. This came to surface on Friday after some data was published by the industry.

First ever allergy friendly airline: Swiss International Air Lines

First ever allergy friendly airline: Swiss International Air LinesIn a recent declaration the Swiss International Air Lines has been named as the world's first airline to be `allergy friendly' by the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF).

The airline offers the passengers a range of allergy free products and services such as lactose and gluten-free food and beverage alternatives like lactose-free coffee cream.

Scientists Warn Plague Outbreak could Return in Future

PlagueScientists suspect the return of plague-like the 'Black Death', which took place in Europe in 1300s and the Plague of Justinian, which killed about 100 million people about 800 years back. It has been reported that the above two outbreaks were caused by different strains of the same pathogen.

African and European Genes Found in Ancient Hunter Gatherer

AncientRemains of hunter gatherer that lived around 7,000 years ago were discovered in 2006 in a deep subterranean cave called La Braña-Arintero near Leon in north-west Spain.

Spreading Sulfate Particles into the Upper Atmosphere to Reduce Global Warming Poses threat for Tropics

Global-WarmingIt has been revealed by a study that the weather system in the tropics could be destroyed by the implementation of an idea by the father of the H-bomb to slow global warming by sowing the stratosphere with light-reflecting particles.