Factory Growth Spurt Seen Globally but Europe Deviating

Factory Growth Spurt Seen Globally but Europe DeviatingWith the year-end approaching, the global economy is showing signs of a more firm progress, with hopeful signs from some economies, particularly Britain, of acceleration. Rising demand for manufactured goods pushed global factory activity higher last month but the spurt in the euro zone shrouded a widening disparity among some of the bloc's key members.

Experts caution politicians to drop out drug addiction treatment from austerity cuts

Experts caution politicians to drop out drug addiction treatment from austerity cutsDrug specialists from around Europe along with policy makers recently assembled in Athens to urge governments to reject drug-misuse medication from the austerity plan cuts. They have referred to a disturbing ascent in HIV contaminations in some drug-users in Greece.

UK Consumes More Anti-Depressants than Almost all of Europe

According to statistics of an international study, researchers have found that the consumption of anti-depressants is the highest in Britain. The researchers claim the people of Britain consume more anti-depressants than the people of other European countries.

This study has revealed that UK has the seventh-highest prescription rate for drugs. Sources also reveal that people take high intensity depressants in Britain. It has also been revealed that drugs like Prozac are commonly used by the taken by the people of this country.

Re-engineering of Healthcare Required to Develop Antibiotic Resistance: Researchers

AntibioticAccording to authors of a new report, which has already been published in The Lancet Infectious Diseases, ahead of European Antibiotic Awareness Day, the entire structure of antibiotics is required to be re-engineered in order to address the looming global threat of antibiotic resistance.

WHO Warns of Polio Threat in Europe

PolioWHO has come up with findings that are worrisome for people living in Europe. It has been confirmed by the WHO that Europe is now facing the biggest threat of importing polio virus.

The WHO drew above conclusion after figuring out the possibility of transferring the virus from Syria to its neighboring nations. The outbreak of the disease was reported in Syria with the WPV1 strain. The polio virus is known to cripple most of the children.

Banned additives related to hyperactivity traced in Paediatric medicines

ChildrenA new revelation about medicines for children shows that there are traces of banned additives present in some of the most popular brands.

Presence of E had been ordered to be removed from all children drinks, snacks and medicines since they have a known relation with hyperactivity.

The Food Standards Agency infringed a "voluntary boycott", in the year