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Clean Water May be Causing Rise in Alzheimer's Cases

Clean-WaterScientists have made a surprising revelation that rising Alzheimer's rates could be a result of drinking clean water. According to them, UK and France are among countries that have 9% higher Alzheimer's rates than average.

They supported the conclusion by saying that rates are significantly lower in Cambodia and Kenya where clean water is available to less than half the population.

Eight more Cases of Coronavirus in Saudi Arabia Surges Global Total to 102

CoronavirusThe World Health Organization revealed on Wednesday that eight more people in Saudi Arabia have become infected of the MERS coronavirus. This has brought the number of confirmed infections to 102 in the globally. Of them, half of the victims have succumbed to the disease.

French Farmer Inspired by Snail Slime Facial

Snail-Slime-FacialSnail slime facials have been a big experiment for the Japanese salons. After Japanese salons started charging clients £161 to have live snails move over them even a French snail farmer has discovered a unique way of harvesting mucus from number of creatures.

General Anaesthetics Raise Dementia Risk among Elderly

dementiaIt has been said a number of times that general anaesthetic taken during old age can be risky. In a recent research carried out by a group of French researchers, it has been revealed that general anaesthetic can increase the risk of dementia.

In order to reach at the above given result, the study researchers enrolled more than 9,000 people who were aged above 65 years. It was found that within a decade, 632 people have developed dementia.

Men Find Approaching Women with tattoos easier: Study

Women-with-tattoosAs per a study done by researchers of France's Université de Bretagne-Sud, men believe that it is easier to ask a girl if she has a tattoo and also believe that there are greater chances of sleeping together with them on the very first date itself.

Rise in Number of e-Cigarette Smokers

e-Cigarette-SmokersAccording to latest data, the number of regular users of e-cigarettes was reported to be 600,000 at the beginning of 2013 but the number has risen to over a million within months.

The gadgets are available widely in supermarkets across the nation. They were initially designed to help the smokers quit the unhealthy habit but now it has been seen that these are prompting even the children to take up the habit.

1% Tax to Be Imposed on Sale of Smartphones and Tablets in France to Save Culture

1% Tax to Be Imposed on Sale of Smartphones and Tablets in France to Save CultureWith an intention to safeguard cultural from getting influenced from market forces and foreign competition, the French government is considering to introduce 1% tax on the sale of smart phones as well as tablets so as to fund French film, music and images. If this proposal got introduced, the estimated collection of funds will be of 86 million Euros (£73m).

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