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France Suspects a Case of SARS-like Virus

France Suspects a Case of SARS-like VirusFrench health officials have cautioned the public as there has been one suspected case of deadly new SARS-like virus. After coming in contact with a person who was infected with the disease, the person has been taken for a series of tests.

Asexuals Form 1% of Global Population

Asexuals Form 1% of Global PopulationFrance, accredited as a country of love and seduction, has citizens who are happy to bear the tag of asexual. Though it may sound strange, researches have also concluded that 1% of global population consists of people having little or no interest in sex.

This means that there will be hundreds of people living in France, who are least interested in making love. There are chances that not many people aware of the same.

Scientists Discover Structure of Enzyme causing various Brain Disorders

Brain-DisordersAs per a new study published in peer-reviewed journal Nature, researchers have found the structure of enzyme that leads to various brain disorders including alzheimer, parkinson and huntington. The study involved researchers from University of Manchester, the University of Leicester and other institutions in Portugal, France and Germany.

Controversies on Sexual Help for Disabled People

Controversies on Sexual Help for Disabled PeopleSexual assistance for disabled people was opposed by an ethics panel in France on Tuesday.  The issue was initialized by a true-to-life film that depicted the experiences of a quadriplegic man.

The National Consultative Ethics Committee (CCNE) stated that it can predict a risk of abuse in assigning "professional" sex helpers for disables.  CCNE is a government adviser on health issues.

EU Bans Cosmetics Tested on Animals

CosmeticsAfter 30 years of discussion, controversial ban on cosmetics tested on animals has been imposed by the EU. According to the new law, cosmetic companies won't be able to sell the cosmetics that have been tested on animals anywhere across the globe.

France Soon Turning into Fast-Food King: Study

Fast-FoodThe French have always spoken with pride about their good eating habits. A study has thrashed the hitherto belief that says that French people are fast treading towards receiving the label of fast food nation.

Moulded Cheese may Reveal Secret behind French People’s Long Lifespan

Moulded Cheese may Reveal Secret behind French People’s Long LifespanA novel research seems to have found reason behind French people enjoying long life spans despite consuming a diet high in saturated fat. The research was taken out by a group of British researchers have found that the blue veined cheese is quite effective in preventing cardiovascular problems.

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