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EADS Spends €200m on Repair

EADSEADS, the Franco-German aerospace and defense group, which is the Airbus owner, has recently announced that its earnings prior to interest and tax have been up at _1.6bn by 82% for the nine months ending September 30. It however has incurred huge costs for the stress cracks found inside the wings of A380 jets.

Study Links Freshly-Baked Food’s Aroma with Kindness

Study Links Freshly-Baked Food’s Aroma with KindnessFreshly-baked bread was initially linked with simply hunger, until this recent study, which claims that it also tends to make a person kinder.

Team of researchers at France's University of Southern Brittany suggests that the fragrance of baked foods could encourage people to help others.

French Govt Blames Increased Calorie Intake for Obesity Epidemic

Guillaume-GarotThere was a time when France used to boast of the fact that a majority of its population is slim. No more, as it has been found that the trend has been changing and nearly seven million French people are being categorized under obese.

Study shows Links of Popular Anti-anxiety Drug with Increases Risks of Dementia in Elderly

Anti-anxiety-DrugA recent study has linked the popular anti-anxiety drug to increased risks of dementia in pensioners.

It has come as a big warning from the findings, which have stated the concerned risks especially upon the patients, who are above the age of 65 years and start taking benzodiazepines, also known as 'benzos', for their condition.

Study: Workplace stress can increase heart attack risk

Workplace-stressAccording to the findings of a new European study published in The Lancet medical journal on Friday, workplace stress apparently increases the risk of heart attack, especially in cases where people in high-stress jobs hardly have any say in the office.

Troubled Economy of Europe under Scanner

EconomyEurope and Germany have been in talks over the troubled economy of Germany. During a meeting, Germany raised questions about the European Bank having control over the banking facilities of Germany.

Anthrax Infection Gripping European Countries

Anthrax-InfectionYet another death due to anthrax infection has been reported in Blackpool Victoria Hospital. Three weeks back, a man succumbed to anthrax infection after injecting heroin. The Health Protection Agency has warned of the outbreak of anthrax infection among the people taking the drugs.

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