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Weather Forecast Concerns France

Weather Forecast Concerns FranceLatest weather forecast by French analysts, according to the revelations by a recent report, has led to the introduction of a high alert system in the whole nation. The alarm is being seen after a blast of hot Saharan air.

Flowers Are the Best Way to Woo a Woman

flowersScientists have claimed that even after centuries have passed, best way to win a woman’s heart is through flowers. The most romantic thing that a boy can do for his gal is to gift a bunch of flowers and win her all over again.

Self Control Necessary for Humans and Dogs, Say Researchers

DogHave you ever wondered why dogs are regarded as man’s best friend? Recently, the scientists of University of Lille Nord de France have put efforts in finding a solution of the question. It has been found that dogs often get aggressive when they run out of self control.

Heart Patients Find Alternative by New Technique

Heart-PatientsIn what may well turn out to be a godsend for a large number of people suffering from critical heart disease all over the world, it has been revealed by recent reports that elders having a ruptured aortic valve (also known as aortic valve stenosis) are generally in need of open heart surgery which, as per experts, is not bearable by as much as 35% of the patients.

Marijuana Forgetfulness Reason Detected

MarijuanaAs per a research, which has been published in the Journal Cell, it has been revealed that researchers from the University of Ottawa Institute of Mental Health Research, and Giovanni Marsicano of the University of Bordeaux, France, have been able to find reasons for short-term memory loss due to marijuana.

Will Venus Stop Rotating?

VenusWhen astronomers were busy in finding whether plants would be friendlier for human, they found Venus the worst as the temperature is extremely hot and one day on Venus is equivalent to 243 days on the Earth.

Recently, the French astronomers have found that the climate at Venus has been worsening. The revelation was made by a team of Paris Observatory which analyzed the data taken from Venus Express, a spectrometer on board of European orbiter.

Hooeys Following

Affordable-Care-Act.Right-wing opponents of the Affordable Care Act are following a newest method this time to scare people regarding the results of their reasonable trim in Medical spending.

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