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Rigorous Chemotherapy Better For Older People

Rigorous Chemotherapy Better For Older PeopleAccording to a recent research it has been revealed that the use of more vigorous chemotherapy for the patients suffering from lung cancer at an old age. The study is of the view giving the older patients a controlled dose of chemotherapy drugs together with the monotherapy that is given to them shall actually prove as a better treatment for them and would enable them to live longer.

French Researchers Warn Over the Effects of Drug-Resistant Salmonella

franceAs per the findings of the Pasteur Institute in France, François-Xavier Weill, MD, and Simon Le Hello, PharmD, has warned drug resistant strain of Salmonella, called S. Kentucky, to be on the rise.

‘Super Smoothie’ Cocktail for Health Conscious People

cocktailA cocktail named ‘super smoothie’ has been discovered by the French scientists from the University of Strasbourg. The cocktail is claimed to have many health benefits, especially for heart. The research is published in the Royal Society of Chemistry journal Food and Function.

French Spiderman on his way to Dubai

Alain-RobertWorld famous climber Alain Robert popularly known as French Spiderman, is all to claim Burj Khalifa as his own as he intend to climb the world’s tallest building on Monday. Alain will climb Burj to mark up the opening of the 10th Education Without Borders (EWB) Conference organized by the Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT) where around 4000 students are expected to take part from all over the globe.

Attempts on to protect kids from alcohol ads

alcohol-adsHealth experts have given support to having a tougher stance when it comes to advertising about alcohol and wants that the government too should feel the same.

In an attempt to limit children being exposed to alcohol marketing, a private member’s bill will be put forward by Dr Sarah Wollaston.

French PM calls for stronger ties with Middle East countries

Francois-FillonFrench Prime Minister Francois Fillon has asked for the need of having better dialogue process between the West and the Middle East for enhancing mutual understanding and bilateral ties. He was here in Abu Dhabi for inaugurating the campus of Paris Sorbonne University in Abu Dhabi (PSUAD).

Rezai's relative barred from entering women's event

Aravane-RezaiA statement given to the press has showed that relative of famous French tennis player Aravane Rezai has been barred from entering the women's events after some 'safety concerns' came up.

Even when the Women's Tennis Association (WTA) did not give any details about who the relative was, it is said that the decision was made after some incident took place during the ongoing Australian Open in Melbourne.

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