Researchers Claim to have Identified ‘Teen Gene’ for Adolescent Brain Development

Teen-GeneScientists claim they have identified a gene responsible for adolescent brain development, raising hopes for many with mental health vulnerability. The first gene has been identified by researchers by working with mice. Quebec's Douglas Institute Research Centre has revealed that a gene, DCC, has been isolated by scientists. The gene is responsible for dopamine connectivity in the medial prefrontal cortex during adolescence.

Half of Terminally Ill Cancer Patients Choose to Die in Hospital: Study

Cancer-PatientsAccording to a new study, almost half the people with terminal cancer die in hospital. Most patients do not want to spend their final days in a hospital.

Canadian Institute for Health Information study revealed that around 45% of cancer patients died in hospital during 2011-2012. The rates, however, varied among provinces.

Legionnaires’ disease Outbreak in Quebec City

LegionnairesIn total, eight people have lost their life due to Legionnaires’ disease and other 104 people have been suffering from the same from mid-July in Quebec City. Public health officials, who had revealed the above mentioned news, have denied from providing any further information on the same.

Quebec Family Survives Poisonous Gas

Poisonous-GasTimely call to agencies for help has fortunately saved the life of a Quebec family, which could have been dead under the effect of a poisonous gas leakage.

We can credit the lady of the family for acting bravely to save her family’s life from the effect of the poisonous carbon monoxide gas that she found affecting her and her family members as well when she woke up in the midnight but felt sick and fell.

In Quebec organ donation revisions planned

In Quebec organ donation revisions plannedCreation of an easy-to-use consent registry for potential donors which is included in Quebec's new organ donor law is being applauded by organ donation advocates.

In an attempt to overhaul how organ donations are handled in the province, Quebec Health Minister Yves Bolduc tabled new legislation on Thursday to and this legislation is for both living and post-mortem donors.