Healthcare experts calling 8,383 patients to get screened for Hepatitis C

Healthcare workers are in the process of calling a total of 8,383 patients to visit hospitals to get screened for Hepatitis C, which they might have contracted while getting treatment from a surgeon about eight years ago. The surgeon was diagnosed with the blood-borne virus during an occupational health test.

Margaret Thatcher’s Policies claimed Lives of Thousands of Britons: Study

Margaret-ThatcherAcademics have revealed that during Margaret Thatcher's time as leader, many people died because of welfare cuts, housing policies and high unemployment rates. Also, the research highlighted that three-time PM enacted policies that dramatically led to increase in poverty rates and increased more number of people with low income.

Juice may not be a Healthy Choice: Researchers

JuiceResearchers from the Institute of Cardiovascular and Medical Sciences at the University of Glasgow in Scotland have come up with the findings that juices may not be as healthy as considered. This is because it is packed with sugar, thereby making them possibly as bad for the body as are the beverages like carbonated drinks and sodas.

No Reduction in Amount of Drinking after Ban of Discount Policies in Scotland

No Reduction in Amount of Drinking after Ban of Discount Policies in ScotlandAccording to a new report by scientists, there seems to have no improvement in number of people drinking alcohol. A ban was issued on promotion of cheap drinking in supermarkets and off-licenses in Scotland.

Voters Asked to Share Views on Assisted Suicide Law in Scotland

Suicide-LawConstituents in Scotland have been asked to give their views on how they feel about assisted suicide as a new bill that was launched in Scotland. Margo MacDonald, MSP in Scotland, has been in favor that this law must be approved for giving mercy killing to seriously ill patients.

Scots under Threat of HIV Transmission

HIVAs per a latest report, Scots are unaware of spread of HIV in their country. The Waverley Care charity stated that about 6,000 people in north of border have been affected by the disease. The organization feels ashamed of the releasing this report.