World Triathlon Champion Gets Treated for Cyst on Lung

hospital-in-VitoriaAaron Royle has discovered a 12mm cyst on his left lung, which has taken him to a hospital in Vitoria in Spain. As per the findings, the young Australian triathlon star, under-23, was admitted on the weekend.

The world champion coughed up blood after a local Grand Prix event. On Thursday, he had to visit his doctor for a bronchoscopy so that his problem could be assessed. A CT scan received by him revealed the cyst.

Spain Faces Legal Action for Refusal of EU Health Card by Hospitals

Spain Faces Legal Action for Refusal of EU Health Card by HospitalsSome hospitals in Spain have been found to have refused to take into account the European Health Insurance Card. Therefore, the European Commission has decided to launch legal action against the nation, a report has uncovered.

Police in Spain Find Giant Seven-Meter Long Wasps Nest in Abandoned House

Wasps-NestAnother world record is here to mark its happening in Guinness Book of World Records. Police officers in Spain have found a seven meter long nest of wasps in an abandoned house located in San Sebastian de La Gomera on Tenerife Island. The police located this house after they received a series of calls from its neighbours.

Spain Revises Consensual Age for Marriage to 16

SpainSpain was said to be the only country across the globe that was having lowest age of consent for sex and marriage. For sex, it was 13 years and for marriage, it was 14 years. But no more as the government authorities have decided to increase the consent for sex and marriage.

Minimum Age for Marriage Increased to 16 in Spain

Minimum Age for Marriage Increased to 16 in SpainAfter approval of a new bill, the minimum age for marriage has been increased from 14 to 16 in Spain. The move is part of the Plan for Children and Adolescents 2013-2016, a project meant for development of children and adolescents.

Spain and Israel Lead in European Life-Expectancy League

European-Life-Expectancy-LeagueAccording to a new research, Spanish women have the highest life expectancy in Europe as they live up to an average age of 85 years, 2.4 more than British women. Britain was at the 19th position for the life expectancy of women.

Women in France live up to an average life of 84.8 years, the figure placed France in second position for life expectancy of women.