Spain Decision to Detail Bank Tests Cited to Prompt EU Neighbors

The Bank of Spain's decision to reveals the stress tests' details on the financial health of its banks may trigger European neighbors to follow suit as investors seek for more disclosure of the risks on banks' books.

Getting Angry is Bad for Health

AngryA recent research has found out that expressing anger increases blood flow to a part of the brain thought to be involved in feelings of happiness. The findings are appearing to support the common psychological theory that expressing emotions is better for mental health than keeping them locked up.

Stallion To Be Sent To A New Home

Stallion To Be Sent To A New HomePicaro, the Paso Fino stallion owned by the late Michael S. Khoury, 69, and Joyce M. Khoury, 66, of 19 Woodchuck Lane, Spencer, was shot twice in the head on the morning of 14th January by Khoury, who first shot and killed his wife in their bedroom, and then shot the horse in its stable, before setting fire to the couple’s foreclosed home and pickup truck; after which he turned the gun on himself.

Spain’s GPD Continues to Lag

Spanish-EconomyIt has been reported that the gross domestic product of Spain had continued to holdup the economic recovery in the euro - zone for the fourth quarter. It was an interesting fact that in spite of the recovery, the rate of the output decline had eased which also prompted the finance minister of the country to announce growth from now.

Rotana Audio & Video inks ‘Strategic Partnership Agreement’ with Ondas Media

Saudi Arabia-based media giant Rotana Audio & Video has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Ondas Media, a pan-European media company based in Madrid.